Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Kaiser Chiefs were brilliant!!!!

Went to see these last night at the Hull Ice Arena (the band not the South African football team LOL) with my brother Danny, they were absolutely fantastic.....unbelievably so! After queing for about 20 minutes, we walked in to find that it was relatively empty (we didn't exactly rush to get there to beat everyone, we only live about 5 minutes walk away) we were only about 5 meters from the front. The place soon filled up until it was packed out, don't know how much it holds I would guess 15,000.

The first band were called 'The Little Ones' from southern California, followed by 'We Are Scientists' who were a class apart then the Kaisers who were another class apart!

It was very hot and sweaty apart from my feet which were freezing because the Ice was just under a sheet of plywood!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Random shot

Just a random shot taken whilst walking the dogs the other day.

Just spent a horrid, stressful afternoon trying to get my wireless router to connect to the internet, after hours of trying this and that to no avail, I rang up the help desk to find it was something so stupidly simple, that I am now very annoyed with myself!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

The truth!

Mmmmmmm.. tomatoes, eggs and mushrooms on toast!..................wonderful, TBH!


I just created this "popped" photo of our dog 'Layla' as I was sat here bored! I had intended to go out today and take some pictures but the weather is really crap so I'll look to do that tomorrow! Besides even if the rain had stopped entirely, the skies are just dull and would not look great on the pictures I had in mind.

Saturday, December 01, 2007


Working with layers in Photoshop, I created this "colour popped" image of my guitars! Sadly I no longer have my 'Flying V' but it's a nice picture I think anyways!

Had a band rehearsal yesterday afternoon, our drummer brought his electronic drum kit, he gave a demonstration of it's various functions then let me have a go, It was very cool and could give some far out, mad sounds, If I had £2500 I would get one, but I don't, so I wont!