Monday, August 18, 2008

Facebook Stalking

My song of the week - check it out!

There's a girl who sat behind me in class way back when I was at school who I shall refer to as Sara, who befriended me and is stalking me on Facebook!
Perhaps stalking is a bit too strong a word but she just won't leave me alone, last week Sara was giving me hints such as " i miss having a boyfriend who I can cuddle up with and go to the cinema with and go to dinner with......tell me Kev are you single?" to which I replied with a massive lie "yeah I'm single, but I'm really liking being single again, I have just broken up from a long term relationship so a bit of freedom is just what I need right now" but she just kept going on and on about it!
Don't get me wrong, I am looking for a relationship but this girl just is not my type! Since then I have been going on to Facebook and first of all, checking if Sara is online, and if she is, I log straight back out again! I don't really want to be nasty to her so avoidance is the best solution as far as I can see, then she might get the hint that I'm not interested!

I had a nice weekend with Hull City winning their first ever game of Premiership football, a really good afternoon in the KC Stadium with a great atmosphere, getting right behind the Tigers! I had a bit of a hangover yesterday though!

Monday, August 11, 2008


It makes me laugh when I see people start running around like headless chickens trying to do their "little projects" as PDR (Performance Development Review) time approaches.
Every year I hear these same people say "I ain't doing that, I don't even have time to do my job, let alone all these other things that my boss has asked me to do in my PDR" but then they put in a load of extra hours to get them done, and what are they doing it extra half percent on their salary!
So let's get this straight, for an extra £10 a week, these people are willing to put in hours of extra time at work to get their projects completed, and quite often putting in a good few hours at home as well! Why don't they just get a Saturday or evening job if they really want those extra few pounds.
I much prefer my way of doing things, simply just say "yeah OK, I'll try my best" and then not make any extra effort to complete these little tasks that the manager has set me. As far as I am concerned, If I am good at my job and get it done then that's OK for them and for me!

Enough of my ranting! The 'Dean and Kev Lotto Syndicate' didn't win at the weekend unfortunately, but it was fun when we found out Geoff had noted our numbers down and checked them over the weekend, in order to keep an eye on the success rate of our syndicate compared to about sad!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


A rainy day means that I am not out riding the hills of the Yorkshire Wolds, instead I am indoors helping my father with some DIY....Woohoo! I absolutely detest doing DIY, and building stud walls and door frames isn't how I would want to spend my Sunday!
I would much rather be on XBox Live or reading a book or watching the football on Skysports! We have the radio on so at least I can enjoy listening to some oldies such as Roy Orbison and Frank Sinatra and I just heard Glen Campbell doing a very good cover of Green Day's 'Time of your life' (Good Riddance) so not everything is bad!
In fact, now I think about it, I AM enjoying my Sunday, and I have a couple of beers in the fridge and some Dorito's and dips for later! Once we have the walls built and plastered, we can then move onto tiling the walls of the kitchen which my father has been promising my mother he would do for nearly 3 years!

Friday, August 08, 2008

The Dean & Kev Lottery Syndicate "It Rocks"

We have a character at work called Geoff! You may work with a person who is the same, basically everything that Geoff does is of the highest importance and is the best when done by Geoff, everything is a job that really only Geoff is capable and/or qualified to do......he is the man who can!
He holds it in high regard, that he facilitates the departmental lottery syndicate, and to show his importance and his authority, today he kicked my friend Dean out of the syndicate because he had missed a couple of payments, which highly amused Dean and the rest of us.
In addition to this, when I first started in the 'Fine Chemical Plant' (FCP) about two and a half years ago, I asked if I could join the syndicate, to which Geoff replied "No, there is no room for you." Since then we have had three new people start in the FCP who have all joined his syndicate, while I still waited for my invitation.
So, just for personal amusement, and because we know it will annoy the hell out of Geoff, Dean and I have gotten together and bought a lottery ticket and started our own rival lottery syndicate with the funky title 'Dean & Kev's Lotto Syndicate'.....and "It Rocks" written on the photocopy of our ticket and placed it on the wall in the place where Geoff likes to put his photocopy! We eagerly await Geoffs reaction when he sees there is a rival threat to his lottery syndicate facilitation! It's just like being at school again isn't it!
Already people are asking us if they can join our lottery syndicate because Geoff annoys them so much! I think we shall tempt them by telling them they will receive a free 'Dean & Kev's Lotto Syndicate' badge and be invited to attend "dress-up Fridays" but maybe not having to deal with Geoff would be enough to tempt them away! I have never wanted to win the lottery as much as I want us to win this weekend!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Got drunk!

I was out last night to Lamp, to watch my friends band 'The Strands' perform, unfortunately I had too much to drink as it had been six weeks or so since my last night out, due to working in that other area at work for 6 weeks. However I managed to retain a level head when talking to my friends beautiful cousin and managed not to make a fool of myself, she really was very attractive! The same cannot be said for my playing at the pool table which was in a typically drunken style, hence I didn't play very no change there then! I woke up late for work this morning and with a sore head, and felt quite sickly all morning, I even forgot to take my allergy tablets, so my nose kept bleeding. I was glad to get home at 2 o' clock and have a little sleep! I even bought myself some triple chocolate cookies to help with my recovery.

After six weeks of our dog Layla being ill, it looks like she is finally turning the corner and making a recovery. We don't know what is actually wrong with her, even after spending a lot of money on an endoscopy, a biopsy and several courses of antibiotics, the vet still don't have a clue either! But at least she's starting to look a bit happier and lively!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

08 Specialized Rockhopper Disc

I just popped along to a bike shop that is a dealer of 'Specialized' brand mountain bikes, for a look at what he had in stock and to see if I could get any discount, I was also looking for a friend as well. I ended up putting a £150 deposit on this superb red Rockhopper and managed to get £50 knocked off it's price and £25 knocked of the price of the the next model down which my friend wanted, it's a bit higher specification then what I wanted, but I couldn't resist! I had been doing some research over the last few weeks and the reviews are excellent, it's all top notch stuff for the price bracket, I just have to scrape together another £400 next payday and it's all mine! Some friends are planning a trip up to Dalby Forest soon, to tackle the red route, so I'll be able to enjoy it to it's full potential! Can't wait!!!

Monday, August 04, 2008

I want to ride my bicycle...

Today I was back settling in to my old job after finishing my six week secondment in the factory were I's good to be back! Although the other job wasn't in itself terrible, it came with a lot of unnecessary hassle!

Just as an example, when things went wrong (as they often did) and there was going to be a delay in the production line getting their liquid for bottling and packing, I would have to ring up the man in charge (at all sorts of stupid hours) and inform him so he could organize some help, he would then ask me to go and tell another guy that he would not in fact be finishing his shift in a few minutes but would have to stay back until 2 in the morning! Even though that little devil inside you thinks it would be funny to wake your boss after he has just gone to sleep, you do feel some anguish at having to do it, and feel even worse when your the bearer of bad news to the guy who is going to have to stay while 2am!

Whilst I was working in this new area I also caught the bug for mountain biking and as I earned some extra cash due to overtime, I will be getting myself a newer and better mountain bike in a few weeks!
Last Saturday my brother and I went for a ride on our bikes cross country into the Yorkshire Wolds, only about 15 miles or so! There were some lovely places we rode by and next weekend I will take a camera so I can get a few nice images along the route, and as I explore a little bit further afield!

First we followed the Trans Pennine Trail from near my house along the banks of the Humber estuary along to the village of North Ferriby, we then crossed through the village and then followed the Wolds Way, a national trail which runs 79 miles up to the seaside town of Filey, for about 7 miles before heading back home and waking up the next day with sore thighs and lots of cuts and scratches from thorny bushes!