Monday, August 11, 2008


It makes me laugh when I see people start running around like headless chickens trying to do their "little projects" as PDR (Performance Development Review) time approaches.
Every year I hear these same people say "I ain't doing that, I don't even have time to do my job, let alone all these other things that my boss has asked me to do in my PDR" but then they put in a load of extra hours to get them done, and what are they doing it extra half percent on their salary!
So let's get this straight, for an extra £10 a week, these people are willing to put in hours of extra time at work to get their projects completed, and quite often putting in a good few hours at home as well! Why don't they just get a Saturday or evening job if they really want those extra few pounds.
I much prefer my way of doing things, simply just say "yeah OK, I'll try my best" and then not make any extra effort to complete these little tasks that the manager has set me. As far as I am concerned, If I am good at my job and get it done then that's OK for them and for me!

Enough of my ranting! The 'Dean and Kev Lotto Syndicate' didn't win at the weekend unfortunately, but it was fun when we found out Geoff had noted our numbers down and checked them over the weekend, in order to keep an eye on the success rate of our syndicate compared to about sad!


Anonymous said...

Kev I am slightly concerened about your attitude toward your PDR this year.

Don't you realise that the reason that Bert Bach gets paid so much money is that he gets us all to do extra work for no extra cash?

Please see me tomorrow.

Nutcase Knott.

(M)ary said...

I think your attitude rocks. I am keeping it in mind while I work. A coworker once gave me similar advice. She had been injured at work. She warned against working your butt off for a few extra cents per hour.