Monday, August 04, 2008

I want to ride my bicycle...

Today I was back settling in to my old job after finishing my six week secondment in the factory were I's good to be back! Although the other job wasn't in itself terrible, it came with a lot of unnecessary hassle!

Just as an example, when things went wrong (as they often did) and there was going to be a delay in the production line getting their liquid for bottling and packing, I would have to ring up the man in charge (at all sorts of stupid hours) and inform him so he could organize some help, he would then ask me to go and tell another guy that he would not in fact be finishing his shift in a few minutes but would have to stay back until 2 in the morning! Even though that little devil inside you thinks it would be funny to wake your boss after he has just gone to sleep, you do feel some anguish at having to do it, and feel even worse when your the bearer of bad news to the guy who is going to have to stay while 2am!

Whilst I was working in this new area I also caught the bug for mountain biking and as I earned some extra cash due to overtime, I will be getting myself a newer and better mountain bike in a few weeks!
Last Saturday my brother and I went for a ride on our bikes cross country into the Yorkshire Wolds, only about 15 miles or so! There were some lovely places we rode by and next weekend I will take a camera so I can get a few nice images along the route, and as I explore a little bit further afield!

First we followed the Trans Pennine Trail from near my house along the banks of the Humber estuary along to the village of North Ferriby, we then crossed through the village and then followed the Wolds Way, a national trail which runs 79 miles up to the seaside town of Filey, for about 7 miles before heading back home and waking up the next day with sore thighs and lots of cuts and scratches from thorny bushes!

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M said...

i used to like trail biking. well, i would still like it but i don't have anyone to go with and i hate to go alone.