Thursday, September 10, 2009

Whirlwind Romance (I'm engaged!)

I've only been going out with Amy for about 3 months now and yet we have come so far in our relationship and done so much. After a rocky start due to both our insecurities from previous relationships, we both realised just how much we actually liked each other when we spent a few days apart recently when I had a long weekend in Whitby, and since then our love for each other has grown stronger and stronger (pass the sick bucket hahaha) until we have reached the point where we find it hard spending time apart.
This meant that when Amy spent 2 weeks in Rome recently learning Italian before starting her PhD, we both struggled with each others absence and found those two weeks very hard going.

But more then this, we have a lot going on at the minute, we have gotten engaged, we are moving into a rented house together in a week or so, we are in the process of buying another house, we are flying out to Cuba on 30th November for two weeks and whilst there we are getting married on the 9th December (I'm very much looking forward to this) we have an engagement/housewarming/halloween party to organise, we have a wedding reception to organise for just after christmas and of course Amy has started her PhD.
Some stressfull times ahead over the coming months I suspect, and it would'nt surprise me if I got the news we had a baby on the way at some point, you never know!

So a bit of a whirlwind romance that has taken some people by surprise, but we are not teenagers or even twenty somethings anymore, and we know and can recognise what true love is, but I suspect this is going to be a very interesting adventure into the unknown (for me at least) and also one that I'm looking forward to living, even though it will be full of up's and downs!

We do keep doing daft things for personal amusement and the other day in a spare of the moment thing, we both got matching tattoos of each others name on our wrists, this picture above (apologies for the quality but is was taken on my mobile) shows mine.