Saturday, September 20, 2008

Location Scouting

This morning I was up early so I could go to Beverley and do some location scouting for the "Four Foot Fez" music video, with my friends Dave and Phil! We had to get there early because Phil opens his jewelery shop at 9:00am. I took my camera along the proposed route, which was quit pleasant as there were hardly any people about, I thought I would share some of the photo's with you! In a few weeks I will be walking these streets with a four foot tall Fez on my head, providing we get permission to film from the local council.

Speaking of music videos, the 'Colorado' music video is almost complete and in perhaps a few days I will be able to share it with you here, this is not one of my 'Legend of Sid' songs but a 'Clem' song, so other then my actual performances in the video, I have had little input in the videos direction! But the choreography or lack of, makes for entertaining viewing!

Friday, September 05, 2008

She was a great dog!

As I sit here, still in a funk after having my 2 year old dog 'Layla' put to sleep on Tuesday, with next to no warning, after finding out she had bone cancer, I look out of the window to the dull and rainy weather and I realize that I have not taken any photo's in months.....I shall have to remedy this soon me thinks!
I also feel sad that I didn't take any recent photo's of Layla in the months before she died! It feels like only yesterday that I posted pictures of her and her brothers and sisters on this blog on the first night they had been born!

I also just had a craving for 'choc ices' and ate 3 in a row!