Friday, September 05, 2008

She was a great dog!

As I sit here, still in a funk after having my 2 year old dog 'Layla' put to sleep on Tuesday, with next to no warning, after finding out she had bone cancer, I look out of the window to the dull and rainy weather and I realize that I have not taken any photo's in months.....I shall have to remedy this soon me thinks!
I also feel sad that I didn't take any recent photo's of Layla in the months before she died! It feels like only yesterday that I posted pictures of her and her brothers and sisters on this blog on the first night they had been born!

I also just had a craving for 'choc ices' and ate 3 in a row!


JJ said...

Kev, sorry to hear about Layla. I hope she didn't suffer. Keep ya chin up.

South Pole Librarian said...

I am so sorry you had to put Layla down.She looks like such a kind and darling soul.
Be gentle with you,

(M)ary said...

Oh. I am so sorry! 2 years old is so young. Well, at least she had a happy home while she was here on earth.