Friday, October 31, 2008


Prepare to be amazed/confused/abused and slapped in the face, by this music video featuring yours truly!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Belly Pork Baguette

What do you do if you go to work and realize you have forgotten your lunch and coincidentally one of your colleages has done the exact same thing?

Firstly you raid the fridge in the tea room and see what people can donate to your worthy cause.....

You take the ingredients you find and combine them to make a culinary wonder dish!

And behold the "Belly Pork Baguette" was invented by me and my colleage Alex!

We managed to scrape together some Pork belly, a tin of mushy peas, some gravy granules, two crusty baguettes and an onion!

It tasted great and everyone in the room clapped at our triumphant culinary adventure! Eat your heart out Ramsey and Blumenthal!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

The sensation that is swoopo

Yet again I have left it too long since my last post! Why you may ask, well firstly I was ill for a couple of weeks with a cold/chest infection which seems to be going around at the minute, and as I sit here typing I am still coughing as it's symptoms linger! Secondly I have been helping my dad to tile the kitchen (one of his DIY projects) a skill which he assures me will come in useful when I have a family and a home of my own! In reality I will pay someone else to do it for me!

The driving lessons are going well, my instructor says I am almost ready for my test! If my eyesight is good enough to pass (it is borderline) then I look forward to traveling further afield to take pictures as I am finding Hull really uninspiring at the minute!

Speaking of taking pictures, last week I won a 10 megapixel Casio 'point and shoot' camera (which is going for £140 in places like Comet and Amazon) for a bargain price of £37 on which I thought would be handy just to slip in my pocket when I am not carrying my bigger Panasonic Lumix around. I almost won a Cannon DSLR (worth £550 in shops) for around £90 but narrowly missed out! In the last 2 weeks, a friend of mine has won 3 laptops 2 nintendo Wii's an expensive watch, £150, a phone and a couple of other things on the same site! One of the laptops he paid in total just £40 for! Perhaps I should try and win a new XBox 360 as mine has just died! :(

Last night I watched one of those really badly dubbed 70's Kung Fu movies, I think it was called 'Genius School For Kung Fu' it was so bad I was compelled to watch it!

I am working tomorrow, but I have bought a pack of succulent looking bacon so I can make some bacon butties for me and my colleague in the morning, so life's not all bad!

The photo is one I took a while ago as I walked past the local 5 a side astroturf pitch!