Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Joyeux anniversaire Audrey

The river Hull.
Today was my french colleagues birthday, she's only 24 bless her. I sneaked out of work early today, whilst the boss is away and because I have my last 2 remaining holiday days tomorrow and friday, I thought I would get an early start hehehe. Before I left though, I did wish her a happy birthday in french ( 'joyeux anniversaire' ) I only know that because I looked it up on a free translation thingy on the internet just before I said it, but when I did say it, I managed to pronounce it correctly which is amazing because I have tried to say loads of stuff to her in French since she started working there 6 months ago, and have failed every time (much to her amusement)....but at least I try.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

what's a zlob?

I was looking through my archives and found this picture of a Clematis in our back garden which I took during the summer, it'll either cheer you up or remind you that summer has well and truly gone!

Still no news from Clem regarding the bizarre video shoot, it could be because we have been having trouble with or phone line.....and that may be down to our young doggy pup and his insatiable appetite for chewing things, who knows!

I seem to have inadvertantly contracted a virus on my laptop, a trojan downloader.zlob or something, this happened even though I had virus/spyware protection hmmmm. I am now using 'f-secure internet security 2007' as a result, and it's really good! It informed me of a thingy which I needed to download which should keep old mr zlob in check, iv'e set my firewall and every thing else to strict levels, just to be safe, good job I will have my new computer in a matter of days......

Tonight I actually got off my lazy arse and went and joined the Gym, my first session will be on Friday teatime, it's one of these big modern affairs with all the bells and whistles, including smimming pool, sauna, tennis courts, you get the picture. The last one I was at (about 5 years ago) was the old "works" gym, an antiquated "old school" gym with about 20 body builders plus me and a mate. Hopefully i'll find a lady at this one...

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Come and cup my Christmas balls!

Those guys over at Clem HQ have been in touch again and offered me another acting job. This time they are making a music video and want me to dress as a Christmas pudding and dance along to their new song 'Come and cup my Christmas balls'......I think i'm going to take it, it pays more then ITV and the BBC have not called with any jobs in a while....or ever, as the case may be. For doing it I will get as many cups of tea I can drink in three hours and I am currently trying to negotiate three toilet breaks as part of the deal, which would be sweet! but they are proving to be tough people to bargain with.

I attended the works night out last Friday, the meal was excellent and I managed to drink nearly two bottles of Chatenauf de pape (I think that's how it's spelled) I just added it to the company's tab, I hope they don't look to closely at the receipt as it was quite expensive in restaurant terms.
I didn't feel to great the next day, and then I was hit with a cold which is wearing off now thankfully.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dissapointing show

One thing I did do a couple of weeks ago is purchase this bird feeder, I thought as winter has started to set in, that I would help the wild birds by giving them a place in our garden to stop and eat. Unfortunately, in the 2 weeks it's been there I have not seen one bird feeding from it! Now there's gratitude for you!

Looking forward to seeing the new 'James Bond' movie, I had become bored of the last few but this one looks like it'll be a breath of fresh air and add some much needed vigour to the series.

A new series of 'Bones' starts tonight, really enjoyed the first series, I have not read any of the Kathy Reichs books, my brother has a few but i'm still reading Stephen Kings 'The Stand' and 'The Pythons' by The Pythons as well as a series of books on popular Philosophers, and trying to flick through a few pages of my 'Learn Spanish' book at regular intervals as well.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I have not been up to very much lately, and I have not been in a blogging mood either!
Work is paying for a meal for us this Friday evening after passing a recent audit and for various other things so I'm looking forward to that.
I will be getting a new PC very soon, one with a better sound card so I can get on with some home recording, I have been very lazy and my muse seems to be escaping me at the minute so I have not been taking many photo's, I did manage to find some interesting pictures in my archive, the above picture is one of them, it a manipulated image of the messy workspace I used to share with a former colleage who shall remain nameless!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Beer Festival

My brother and I popped along to Hulls anual beer festival yesterday afternoon. The above photo only shows about half the beers on offer, there was a bar with hand-pulled beer that ran the length of the other wall, and in another room there was also a bar selling 20 differant ciders and perry's plus 10 selected German and Belgian bottled beers, I think there was 70 'real ales' on offer .
It was held inside the city hall. We got there around 14:00 and stayed till 20:00 and managed to try 16 ales and 2 ciders, even had some good fortune on the tombola for the second year running, winning a bottle of whisky, a t-shirt, 4 bottled beers, Jack Daniels playing cards, 4 free half pints of beer at the event, a make-up bag for my sister and 2 free pints of beer at a pub who sponsored the event in Beverley (a town 20 mins drive from Hull) that was with £6 worth of tickets, so not a bad haul. And as an added bonus I didn't wake up with a hangover, which is always a plus.
Downside is that no friends turned up, but we managed to meet a few decent folk! and a couple of oddballs as well, including a guy who was just like 'Otto the school bus driver' in 'The Simpsons' which was bizzare!
I intended to take more photo's but it slipped my mind as I drank more and more beer...sorry!