Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Come and cup my Christmas balls!

Those guys over at Clem HQ have been in touch again and offered me another acting job. This time they are making a music video and want me to dress as a Christmas pudding and dance along to their new song 'Come and cup my Christmas balls'......I think i'm going to take it, it pays more then ITV and the BBC have not called with any jobs in a while....or ever, as the case may be. For doing it I will get as many cups of tea I can drink in three hours and I am currently trying to negotiate three toilet breaks as part of the deal, which would be sweet! but they are proving to be tough people to bargain with.

I attended the works night out last Friday, the meal was excellent and I managed to drink nearly two bottles of Chatenauf de pape (I think that's how it's spelled) I just added it to the company's tab, I hope they don't look to closely at the receipt as it was quite expensive in restaurant terms.
I didn't feel to great the next day, and then I was hit with a cold which is wearing off now thankfully.


Anonymous said...

Cold my freckled butt, that's liver damage at £40 a bottle!!!!!

Glad you enjoyed yourself. You do realise that's your pay rise up the swanny:)

Chana said...

good that you had fun out at dinner. glad your cold is better now.

i'm delighted that you have been offered this job. how many of us can say they have cup any Christmas balls? lol..

i wish we could see you in it..good luck and break a leg.

Kevin G Brown said...

When the video is finished, I will post it on this blog. Along with any other stupidness...if those guys over at Clem HQ ever actually finish anything!

jessica said...

I love the sound of this new video Kevin.

As the title suggests, do you actually cup someones Christmas balls?

I for one hope that you do - and fight for them toilet breaks as its healthy to wee a little wee.

Your partay sounded fun - although paying for it with a cold is a bad show on your companies behalf I think

gincoleaves said...

C d P is a superb wine!!
I hope you'll be able to get out of your pudding suit fast enough after soo many cups o' tea, Haahahaha!!
I also hope you're feeling miles better by now, oh yes - and I'll be lurking to see that promised video, LOL!!

kevina said...

all i wanna no is were u naked under all your close?

Katt said...

Dressed as a Christmas pud singing "Come and cup my Christmas balls"... I am definitely missing something here. And I have a strange image stuck in my head.

Oh, that wine... I've always thought it sounds like something you get from gyneacologist.

Okay, I admit, I am uncouth!