Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I have not been up to very much lately, and I have not been in a blogging mood either!
Work is paying for a meal for us this Friday evening after passing a recent audit and for various other things so I'm looking forward to that.
I will be getting a new PC very soon, one with a better sound card so I can get on with some home recording, I have been very lazy and my muse seems to be escaping me at the minute so I have not been taking many photo's, I did manage to find some interesting pictures in my archive, the above picture is one of them, it a manipulated image of the messy workspace I used to share with a former colleage who shall remain nameless!


Chana said...

nameless eh? lol..i betcha he has no idea either.
you will feel like blogging and picture taking soon..i guess everyone goes through these little breaks, don't are not allowed to quit however, saying good bye is not an option, lol..(pls)

have a wonderful time this friday. i hope the company and the food is good..

Anonymous said...

Oh yes I do!!!!

gincoleaves said...

I haven't been blogging for the last week (too much galavanting) now I've gone all rusty, you'll get into the swing again Kevin (I hope, lol)
As Bazza once said, we can't disappoint the fans, LOL!! :-)

bazza27 said...

It's an intruiging image, enjoy Friday.

sasha said...

you shud pull yor fingers out then u cud give us more2 luk at

Katt said...

Hey Dude! COOOL pic! Never thought a messy desk could look so artistic!