Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dissapointing show

One thing I did do a couple of weeks ago is purchase this bird feeder, I thought as winter has started to set in, that I would help the wild birds by giving them a place in our garden to stop and eat. Unfortunately, in the 2 weeks it's been there I have not seen one bird feeding from it! Now there's gratitude for you!

Looking forward to seeing the new 'James Bond' movie, I had become bored of the last few but this one looks like it'll be a breath of fresh air and add some much needed vigour to the series.

A new series of 'Bones' starts tonight, really enjoyed the first series, I have not read any of the Kathy Reichs books, my brother has a few but i'm still reading Stephen Kings 'The Stand' and 'The Pythons' by The Pythons as well as a series of books on popular Philosophers, and trying to flick through a few pages of my 'Learn Spanish' book at regular intervals as well.


Chana said...

sorry, i betcha we took all the birds for us..they are everywhere in my yard and the neighbours..

no interest in Bond or his babes...sorry again..

and Bones? have to look into that..somehow it sounds a bit familiar...will get back to you..

hoping you have a wonderful day...tomorrow is the night out..have much fun.

Anonymous said...

Kev, if you want to attract birds you need the right bait. Nuts just won't do. You night the right ambience, lighting, candles, French cuisine, wine and above all Belgian chocolate. Never fails :)

As for the new Bond, apparently, if my sources are correct 'Blondie' is the new, definitive Bond. For once I feel like seeing the movie rather than wait for the DVD.

My World said...

Hello Kevin, been a little busy myself lately, trying to catch up

Thank you for the last comment...
Now about the bird feeder, give them time... they will be their soon......... and johnny jazz has
some great

Do you like American Westerns? If so, check out the series DEADWOOD,
excellent..... HBO on demand has it running, plus the WIRE, another good one.. not a western

My friend Jeff on the radio did a big hello out to all in Hull, East Yorkshire last Friday and your name was mentioned.. so there you are Kevin.. your on the American
air-waves... lol

Take care,

My World.....

bird brain said...

you will find that a bird feeder becomes more than useful when it gets really cold & the ground is too hard for poor little birds to dig a hole.

the little seeds & insects which the bird feeds on also fly to spain for the winter.

have faith young kevin - your feeder will come into its own so don't slag it off please.

Katt said...

Um, regarding the bird feeder... it might be where you positioned it. Sometimes birdies like a bit of cover before they expose themselves and go and sit on a feeder.

No, I am not talking about flasher birds...