Monday, August 22, 2011

SkyRide and Sports Day

Feeling sore and achy today after yesterday's SkyRide and charity sports day event! I got up at 6:30am and headed down to East Coast Bicycles to help them set up a display for the passing cyclists as it would be great publicity for ECB. I had the pleasure of riding a few bikes from the shop to the event including the beautiful Electra Mullholland.
I then returned home to get my bike and together with Fruitfingers and my brother we rode into the city center and joined the mass of people (5500) to cycle the route around the city center and 'The Deep' and after a couple of laps we then had to head home and go out again for a charity sports day that Fruitfingers had organised to raise money for the 'Great North Run' she's doing in a few weeks.
The sports day was great fun and featured all the classics....egg and spoon, sack race, skipping etc. Of which I won the skipping of all things! I also got second in the egg and spoon and 3 legged race and got third in another event.
The day ended in exhaustion and sunburn but the Chinese we had from the takeaway made up for that!