Monday, January 22, 2007

Dark discovery

I really do need to get off my arse, and go and take some photo's of something, I have not taken any pictures in ages, so this one is from my "archives for a rainy day" speaking of which, it actually snowed today, if only for about 5 minutes, it's been very cold round these parts during this last week.

I certainly felt cold on Saturday night, I went out for the first time in ages, around the city centre with my brother and a couple of friends, I forgot to order a taxi, and so I had to walk about a mile to the bars in the freezing wind with just a shirt and trousers for protection against the cold.....just what you need when your about to order a couple of cold beers!

I still have not made a start on recording any songs, due to a couple of small setbacks resulting from some new software and not knowing how to change a particular setting, but I will get there, I promise. It's really annoying to have almost an albums worth of stuff and not be able to record it!

2 funny, but somewhat worrying incidents (1) At lunch time today, I walked to a nearby bakery/sandwich shop to get a sandwich, whilst waiting, two of the female workers (in their late forties) started an argument which turned into a fight, in front of the customers! One of them was the manager and the other was the assistant manager.
(2) A friend who lives 2 streets away was sorting out his computer in his living room last Monday, when he was under the computer table plugging the computer in, he noticed a long black thing along the skirting board which turned out to be a snake about 1 metre in length, not knowing weather it was dangerous or not he decided to call an animal welfare agency for help, which didn't arrive until the following evening, despite them treating it as an emergency! Imagine if he had just watched 'Snakes on A Plane' before finding it, he would have had a heart attack. Luckily it was not dangerous.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

It's been a while

As I sit here listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan, I realise it's been a month since I last posted (how time flies) I thought I would try a new template, a fresh look for this new year.
Training has begun at work, as I move from working in the laboratory to working on the chemicals plant. It's not been bad up to now but there's a lot to remember, valves and leavers all over the place, and due to the early 6:00am starts, I have been too tired to post on this blog, I'll get used to it though!
I am going to take some driving lessons soon! Living close to the city centre, friends and relatively close to work, I have become complacent about the need for a car, but I can honestly say it's no fun walking 2 miles to work at 5:30 in the morning, in the wind and rain, as I have done on occasion these last few weeks.

In the news this week, there was David Beckham's high profile move to the US, to play for the Los Angeles Galaxy, he says it's not about the millions of dollars hell get, but his love of the game, and promoting football over there, but in my humble opinion, the best thing he could do is to get people in the US to stop calling it soccer and start using it's proper name of football.