Monday, December 29, 2008

Succumbing to madness

If you were me this Christmas, you probably spent your time;

1. Going on your departments Christmas meal, having a very good time and getting drunk, then inviting yourself to another company's Christmas night out the next evening, and getting not quite as drunk, because your still feeling it from the night before and making a new friend called Amy.

2. Feeling a great sense of injustice at having to spend a cold morning helping your father give the garage a clearout from the massive amount of junk which had built up. None of which, was anything to do with you.

3. Having a lot of quality Me-time, playing a lot of computer games which have built up in recent months, and also watching the DVD movies you like to watch every year at Christmas such as Home Alone and Trading Places.

4. Drinking too much alcohol, eating too many mince pies and chocolate and sleeping in too late, inducing a sense of dread at having to return to work in a week knowing that the alarm will be once again set for 5am.

5. Starting to feel as though your losing your mind, because you want to record music on your PC, but know it is going to be difficult because, what was your computer room/music studio, has been unnessacerily turned into a second living room by your parents meaning you blatantly do not have the room required to work, realising it's reached breaking point and you need to move into a place of your own but knowing you don't have the funds to do so.

6. Spending many hours last night, trying to install a new sound card into your brothers PC, but having the PC laugh at your feeble attempts to make it work! You know you have done everything exactly right, but it's not working, then hours later for no apparent reason it starts to work!

7. Knowing that your driving test is on the 4th February, your spending £160-200 a month on lessons (even though you don't think your eyesight is good enough to pass) and telling your family that Christmas is cancelled this year whilst your paying for driving lessons, and then thinking that you don't really like driving anyway!

8. Telling yourself that you will go back to the gym (that you pay so much money for each month) tomorrow, because your really starting to feel unfit and unhealthy, but knowing that your too lazy to do so.

As I slowly succumb to madness I hope you are having a great Christmas period and have a happy and prosperouse new year!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kenny Giggle Buns

My Christmas holidays started last Friday! I still had loads of holidays left to take so I booked them all of before Christmas, so I'm not back at work until January 5th. My dad decided to take full advantage of this, by asking me to help him spend ALL of my Sunday helping him lay the new Bamboo hard wood flooring in the living room as pictured. I don't think we did a bad job of it considering it was the first time either of us had done anything like this! We started at 9 in the morning and finished at 9 on the evening, so we were pretty tired by the end, our dog Roxy seems to appreciate it!

Tomorrow night I am going to see 'Glasvegas' play at Hull Uni! Looking forward to that, especially as I didn't know they were even playing until my friend Rob texted me and asked if I wanted to go!

Rob has decided to stand as an independent in the next local government elections, so I will soon be helping him to make a short film, which will serve to outline what he stands for and why people should vote for him!

Oh and I have a new nickname, which I received last night whilst playing an online computer game! My online name is K G B 1 9 7 8, and when an American guy asked me if I was Russian, I said no, the KGB is the initials of my name, so he asked me if my name was "Kenny Giggle Buns" to which I burst out laughing, along with 10 other people, and after that I had a number of friend requests because everyone wanted to be friends with a guy like "Kenny Giggle Buns" so there you go, the joys of playing X-Box!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Departmental Politics!

Since I left working in the Laboratories and moved into processing, it has really highlighted what a cesspit of petty behavior, working in the labs really was! The constant need of one-upmanship by fellow co-workers was at times, beyond belief! I am not saying it doesn't happen in processing/manufacturing areas, because it does! I'm sure it happens in all areas of work! But nowhere near the levels I had become accustomed to in a certain QC department where I once worked.
When my sister worked in the same department she was subjected to some victimisation and backstabbing (enough to warrant a career change and become a nurse) and now my brother who works in this department has also just been at the hands of some backstabbing son's of bitches!

Let's remind ourselves what backstabbing is according to it's dictionary definitions:-

To attack (someone) unfairly, especially in an underhand, deceitful manner

treacherous actions or remarks that are likely to cause harm to a person

So two people from his department had words with the boss and said that he (my brother) and two other colleages that he works with are lazy, rude, nasty to people and unhelpful! (all of which, I can personally say, could be directly attributed to one of the people that we suspect, may have reported my brother) The boss raised these issues with my brother and the other two accused, as was his duty as area manager, but knowing my brothers personality, he chose to believe him! As I do, even though he is my brother!

My brother thinks he knows who reported him by eliminating certain persons who were not there at the time or people he would choose to trust, and so managed to narrow it down to the two people he thinks are the culprits, based on character traits and past histories! I guessed who he suspected straight away, but the truth of the matter is that you never really can tell what any of your colleages are thinking and/or plotting behind your back!

I think I know why this has happened, a short time ago, the previous area manger (as useless as she was) took a liking to my brother and he subsequently became her 'blue eyed boy' and could do no wrong, and this new course of backstabbing has come about due to envy, jelousy and a petty, self righteous feeling of giving my brother his 'just deserts' for being favoured by the previous manager!