Monday, December 29, 2008

Succumbing to madness

If you were me this Christmas, you probably spent your time;

1. Going on your departments Christmas meal, having a very good time and getting drunk, then inviting yourself to another company's Christmas night out the next evening, and getting not quite as drunk, because your still feeling it from the night before and making a new friend called Amy.

2. Feeling a great sense of injustice at having to spend a cold morning helping your father give the garage a clearout from the massive amount of junk which had built up. None of which, was anything to do with you.

3. Having a lot of quality Me-time, playing a lot of computer games which have built up in recent months, and also watching the DVD movies you like to watch every year at Christmas such as Home Alone and Trading Places.

4. Drinking too much alcohol, eating too many mince pies and chocolate and sleeping in too late, inducing a sense of dread at having to return to work in a week knowing that the alarm will be once again set for 5am.

5. Starting to feel as though your losing your mind, because you want to record music on your PC, but know it is going to be difficult because, what was your computer room/music studio, has been unnessacerily turned into a second living room by your parents meaning you blatantly do not have the room required to work, realising it's reached breaking point and you need to move into a place of your own but knowing you don't have the funds to do so.

6. Spending many hours last night, trying to install a new sound card into your brothers PC, but having the PC laugh at your feeble attempts to make it work! You know you have done everything exactly right, but it's not working, then hours later for no apparent reason it starts to work!

7. Knowing that your driving test is on the 4th February, your spending £160-200 a month on lessons (even though you don't think your eyesight is good enough to pass) and telling your family that Christmas is cancelled this year whilst your paying for driving lessons, and then thinking that you don't really like driving anyway!

8. Telling yourself that you will go back to the gym (that you pay so much money for each month) tomorrow, because your really starting to feel unfit and unhealthy, but knowing that your too lazy to do so.

As I slowly succumb to madness I hope you are having a great Christmas period and have a happy and prosperouse new year!!!


JJ said...

Kev, you need to like chill man. That's what you should be doing. Relax and do one thing at a time, make a list, try to find out why you've over stretched yourself again...:)

Bazza said...

Quit the gym, quit the driving, get your own place, you know it makes sense (and you'd be able to get to know Amy a whole lot better!)

Saw Lady said...

Hi Kev,

Don't even remind me of the gym...

Happy New Year!
Good health, happinness and lots of music!

All the best,

Saw Lady

UKADI.TV said...

Good luck Kev with your driving lessons, and hope that all your efforts pay off on the 4th of Feb.

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Haha! Great writing! ;)