Sunday, January 04, 2009

Grant's Birthday

The birthday boy, pulling his trademark photo face!

Group hug, from left : Mark, random guy, Grant and Me

It's a thumbs up from Rob!

I ams what I am Olive!

Me looking bemused at Rob's decision to have a glass of Rose in a pub on a Saturday night!

The tale end of a political debate between Rob and Mark, which lasted for hours!

Another thumbs up from Rob!

A pair of metrosexuals?

Mark and Grant, eyeing each other up for a licking!

Went out last night for my friend Grant's birthday, drank loads and have a queezy stomach today as a result! I just had to watch 'Jeff Dunham's very special Christmas show' to make my self laugh and take my mind off my hungover state - 'Acmed The Dead Terrorist' was a good cure, I now feel much better!
My usual cure for a hangover is a big fry-up, but not today! The only thing I could manage to eat was a Pot Noodle!

I have been off work on holiday now for a month, tomorrow I go back to work........I am NOT looking forward to that!


Anonymous said...

Should have kept it real on the Rose Kev.

Not a headache in sight the next day!


Bazza said...

I was back at work today, not good.

Bart Beckt said...

Kevin, you're sacked!