Friday, January 16, 2009

I Love Insanity Sauce

The other day my bottle of 'Dave's Gourmet Special Reserve Insanity sauce' arrived in the post. This sauce is so hot and generally bad ass, that it comes in it's own coffin! It's expensive though, including the £2.00 postage, it cost me £27.99.
Each year those lovely people at Dave's Gourmet, formulate a special sauce with three times the heat of standard Insanity Sauce. It's hand signed by Dave, numbered, vintage dated and laid to rest in a wooden coffin wrapped in caution tape. 5 oz. Heat Insane +++ It also tastes superb, at least for the first few seconds, then you can't taste anything except the burn, and that caution on the front of the bottle is no exaggeration, you literally use it one drop at a time. I am trying to push my personal limit, and can currently handle 8 drops in a chilli or curry or whatever.
We collectively bought a bottle of last years private reserve at work for the canteen fridge, but I also wanted a bottle for home to add a kick to the occasional dish.....and also to play nasty evil tricks on friends and family! Hopefully I can capture a reaction and post it on Youtube Mwuhahahahaha!


TardisGirl said...

Okay, you've just killed any chance of me ever visiting your house! lol

Enough of that stuff and I bet you could breathe fire.

Bazza said...

Excellent evil laugh you've got there Kev.

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

That is some seriously impressive stuff, right there! Thanks for sharing! :)

Harmony said...

Hmm never tried it before..

Terence McDanger said...

Hot food! Oh Jesus! I sweat just smelling a korma me!

(Actually, I used to have a mild curry once a year and I'd sweat so much I counted it as exercise).