Monday, January 19, 2009

Having a cold isn't so dynamite!

Two things really annoyed me in the last 24 hours, one last night and one this morning!

Firstly, when I had a look on Facebook last night before going to bed, I noticed some old looking, faded photo's on my page where an old school friend of mine had "tagged" me, it just so happens that when these pictures were taken when I was about 14 years old, I just happened to look similar to Napoleon Dynamite (pictured) which means I will now have all my current friends laughing and taking the piss out of me for a good few days, I really would have liked for my friends to not see these old photo's of me! So, that teaches me to say hello, when an old school friend adds me as a friend!

Second, I had a nasty cold all weekend meaning I sat on the sofa for two days with my eyes constantly watering, my nose constantly running, which is annoying as hell, a headache and bunged up ears. This all started to clear late yesterday afternoon, but I still felt quite shitty and generally lacking in energy and motivation, so I was trying to decide weather I should be ringing in sick at work on the Monday morning.
I decided that if I felt that I could realistically be of use, then I would go in as I hate taking 'sick days' and so when my alarm went off at 5am, I felt I could just about get through a day at work, given that a monday morning usually involves half an hour or so of heavy, manual labour. I really didn't want to leave this all to my work partner, that I had been paired up with for this week, so with the though **I can't let my work partner down**I trotted off to work, hoping I would be rewarded with an easy day for my efforts to come in.
When I arrived at work, a colleage informed me that my partner had rang in sick because he wasn't very well....just great I thought, and instantly knew that I was in for a very busy day because I had to do 2 peoples share of work and still have it done in the same amount of time, so it did not effect/impact on any other processes which were also ongoing, so I realised that I should have just rang in sick in the first place and not worried about leaving my colleages to do all the work, because when it's them, they won't give it a second thought!!!

Despite these two annoying events, I still arrived home this afternoon in a good mood.... a sense of achievement perhaps??? Or just glad to be back home.

I feel like listening to music this evening, so I will now go and listen to Katy Perry then some Motown and then some Simon & Garfunckle because that's what I feel like listening to and you ain't gonna stop me!


TardisGirl said...

That is why immediately after high school I moved 1500 miles away and changed my name!

BTW interesting taste in music.

Bazza said...

I'd rather have your illness than listen to your choice of music!