Saturday, January 17, 2009

Steve Vai - Whispering A Prayer (Live at The Astoria)

As I sat around earlier listening to my Ipod during a brief respite from the bunged up ears which I now have, as a result of slipping deeper into that horrible state of having a nasty cold, (made worse by sitting in the freezing cold this evening, to watch Hull City get undeservedly beat by Arsenal) this beautiful guitar instrumental by Steve Vai came on and instantly cheered me up, so I had a quick look on You Tube to see if I could share it with you here it is! Not sure about his stage costume though, it looks like after he gets off stage, he is going to march on to Helms Deep!

Bob, avert your eyes and ears, this really isn't your cup of tea!!!!


JJ said...

Well Kev, looks like HCFC are another one season wonder, am I surprised! I hope I'm proved wrong though.

As for Vai, come on he has long hair, his histrionics are a tad boring and yes Rob won't like this because you can hear ALL the instruments and work out who the slacker is. Not very Marxist is it!

Kev Brown said...

Lets face it JJ, his histrionics are absolutely appaulingly awful! But it's the uplifting sound of that Ibanez guitar that counts! As an instrumental guitar piece, it's very good and Vai's control of the guitar is at times astounding!

Harmony said...

But still kudos to the tigers for doing so well in the league now. Better than i expect.