Thursday, May 31, 2007

.....on playing live

After seeing The Who last Saturday, it has really given me the taste for live performances again! I have been in touch with a mate who has also been considering starting another band, and we are going to be getting together in a few weeks for a few jamming sessions over at his house, I just have to purchase the above bass guitar has been calling my name from the ethereal plains in which a musical instruments consciousness exists, asking me to buy it and give it a name.
So once i have it, I can get practicing and hopefully be playing live again. The downside to this, is that I will have to put the keyboard I was going to buy on hold, and subsequently the music I have been creating at home on my computer will temporarily be put on hold, unless I can use any of it live of course!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Who

Had a brilliant evening yesterday! I went to the KC Stadium (Hull) to see the who play as part of their European tour, it was pretty fantastic, one thing that really impressed me was the accompanying visuals which were stunning! A large screen which split into four separate screens which moved about in the background, it was great! I only had my phone with me, but I did manage to capture these pics. I made sure I had the best sound as well, I stood in front of the sound monitoring station. What did make me laugh was that after 40 years of playing the same songs, Pete Townshend still can't get those fast guitar licks down town to a T, still, when it comes to chord work he's still a master. Went to the pub after for a couple of beers! It was a good laugh standing in the crowd for 4 hours, although my knees were tired and painfull by the end, I got soaked in beer that people were chucking about the place, and watched as some guys had a fight just in front of us!