Thursday, May 31, 2007

.....on playing live

After seeing The Who last Saturday, it has really given me the taste for live performances again! I have been in touch with a mate who has also been considering starting another band, and we are going to be getting together in a few weeks for a few jamming sessions over at his house, I just have to purchase the above bass guitar has been calling my name from the ethereal plains in which a musical instruments consciousness exists, asking me to buy it and give it a name.
So once i have it, I can get practicing and hopefully be playing live again. The downside to this, is that I will have to put the keyboard I was going to buy on hold, and subsequently the music I have been creating at home on my computer will temporarily be put on hold, unless I can use any of it live of course!


Johnny Jazz said...

Kev, you're going to spit feathers at me, but how about finishing a 'project'. Just an observation, but I think it's valid, especially if, as I know, you've put a lot of effort into your 'album'. Get it out in the ether, even if it's abridged, or a mini album. You will have something to show for all your hard work. And, just as valid, it will affirm to your friends and readers how talented you are.

Chana said...

lucky guy-you got to see The Who..ahh, happy for you.

hope you have been well and enjoying life. good luck with all the future musical plans. whatever you do first will be successful i'm sure. enjoy.

see ya soon and take care. hugs.