Wednesday, June 13, 2007


My sisters boyfriend took her to Venice a couple of weeks ago, before she went, I told her to take her camera and capture some pics, the results are shown above. She never has been one for photography, other then using her camera to take pics of her and her friends on nights out, but she might have gotten a taste for it after this holiday.


Johnny Jazz said...

Kev, you can tell Emma from me that she does have an 'eye'. She really should try and develop her photography. You don't need a top whack camera. It's the person behind the lens.

Emma's last image is superb. In fact, I think last month's winner in the 'MYFUJI' compo was a photo, not too dissimilar, taken in the same stretch of the Venice canals.

My World said...

johnny jazz is right on there, your sister has that eye. These are great shots, post-card material.

bazza27 said...

Love that top one

Vince said...

So wheres the pictures of the Northern Venice of England - Hull

Used to be a Hull lad and was sorry to hear about the flood's . . no doubt the councils fault as is usual in Hull