Friday, August 08, 2008

The Dean & Kev Lottery Syndicate "It Rocks"

We have a character at work called Geoff! You may work with a person who is the same, basically everything that Geoff does is of the highest importance and is the best when done by Geoff, everything is a job that really only Geoff is capable and/or qualified to do......he is the man who can!
He holds it in high regard, that he facilitates the departmental lottery syndicate, and to show his importance and his authority, today he kicked my friend Dean out of the syndicate because he had missed a couple of payments, which highly amused Dean and the rest of us.
In addition to this, when I first started in the 'Fine Chemical Plant' (FCP) about two and a half years ago, I asked if I could join the syndicate, to which Geoff replied "No, there is no room for you." Since then we have had three new people start in the FCP who have all joined his syndicate, while I still waited for my invitation.
So, just for personal amusement, and because we know it will annoy the hell out of Geoff, Dean and I have gotten together and bought a lottery ticket and started our own rival lottery syndicate with the funky title 'Dean & Kev's Lotto Syndicate'.....and "It Rocks" written on the photocopy of our ticket and placed it on the wall in the place where Geoff likes to put his photocopy! We eagerly await Geoffs reaction when he sees there is a rival threat to his lottery syndicate facilitation! It's just like being at school again isn't it!
Already people are asking us if they can join our lottery syndicate because Geoff annoys them so much! I think we shall tempt them by telling them they will receive a free 'Dean & Kev's Lotto Syndicate' badge and be invited to attend "dress-up Fridays" but maybe not having to deal with Geoff would be enough to tempt them away! I have never wanted to win the lottery as much as I want us to win this weekend!


¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Haha..! I'm calling upon the powers of the interwebs to help you get your wish! ;)

M said...

that is hilarious. fingers crossed for you to win.