Thursday, August 07, 2008

Got drunk!

I was out last night to Lamp, to watch my friends band 'The Strands' perform, unfortunately I had too much to drink as it had been six weeks or so since my last night out, due to working in that other area at work for 6 weeks. However I managed to retain a level head when talking to my friends beautiful cousin and managed not to make a fool of myself, she really was very attractive! The same cannot be said for my playing at the pool table which was in a typically drunken style, hence I didn't play very no change there then! I woke up late for work this morning and with a sore head, and felt quite sickly all morning, I even forgot to take my allergy tablets, so my nose kept bleeding. I was glad to get home at 2 o' clock and have a little sleep! I even bought myself some triple chocolate cookies to help with my recovery.

After six weeks of our dog Layla being ill, it looks like she is finally turning the corner and making a recovery. We don't know what is actually wrong with her, even after spending a lot of money on an endoscopy, a biopsy and several courses of antibiotics, the vet still don't have a clue either! But at least she's starting to look a bit happier and lively!

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M said...

oh my. sounds like you were a mess with the headache and nose bleed.

i am glad your doggie is feeling better! do they nationalized health care for pets in England?