Thursday, July 10, 2008

I thought i would serve half my sentance for good behaviour!

Tomorrow will be the end of my third of six weeks on secondment in the Liquids processing area of the factory, an area notorious for it's high demand and expectation of it's workforce. The factory used to be my old stomping ground before I moved to the chemical plant where I now work!
The first 2 weeks were absolutely shit, with a pitiful amount of training on a new manufacturing process that wasn't even fully operational and full of problems. On the Wednesday of last week I went to see the boss and gave him a stern telling off, telling him that my time over there had been a complete waste of my time and that I would prefer to go back to my regular department, he asked me to to stick it out to the end of this week as they were going to be really stuck for people who are on holiday or off sick (which is why I am working in this new area) I agreed and low and behold I was given some proper training this week and he then came back to me and asked me to stick out the rest of my 6 weeks, I agreed on the basis that there had been a marked improvement and I had agreed to a 6 week secondment in the first place.
I know what is coming next....they are going to try and keep me there for good (why would they spend 3 weeks training me just to run the process for another 3 weeks?) however, I have a cushy number where I usually work, it took me 5 years to get in there so I am not giving up without a fight. As i suspected they would try and keep me when first offered the secondment, I asked for it in writing that I would be returning to my department in 6 weeks time, which I received, so I am covered.

I love the song (There's Nothing) 'Sweet About Me' by Gabriella Cilmi, it's fantastic and really well sung, I can't believe she is only 16. I am going to buy her album based on the strength of this one song!

I have been really lazy this last few months, I have not been doing anything musically! I have just started to get back into it and plan to record some serious songs rather then the alternative/comedy/bizarre/piss take stuff I usually do, but all in good time!

I am getting excited now that Hull City AFC are signing new players ready for the start of their debut season of football (soccer if your American) in the Premiership! Just a few weeks and my season pass should arrive in the post!!! I will reserve judgement on these players until we are a few games into the season and I have seen them play!

Since my last post which was a good while ago (I should keep off playing XBox Live) I have started taking driving lessons, it's about time, I should have taken them 13 years ago when I was 17, although I wouldn't have been able to afford a car anyway! Even so, I wish I had, as I am a bit nervous, saying that, I have only had 3 lessons, but I feel I would have been more confident when I was younger, as much as trying to drive a car about whilst paying attention to whats in front and behind and to the side of me and trying to change gears and all that is taking it's toll on my nerves, I think my driving skills are also taking it's toll on my driving instructors nerves!......I'll see how I get on over the coming weeks I suppose!


Nessa said...

Hi Kev: Smart thinking on getting that temp assignment in writing. Good luck with the driving lessons. Alot of us have been away for a while.

M said...

beep beep, watch out Kev will hitting the roads soon in a new car!

Anonymous said...

Kev "I told you so" just dont quite say it.

You should have said no about the stick it for another 3 weeks lark.

When have they ever done you me or anyone else any favours??

Don't ever believe they can somehow force you to move into that area coz they can't

I just hope they have not got you dispensing yet.

Anyway Bp are laying off soon so I may need your liquids job hehe.

Rob D

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Good call getting the vow to return you to your proper place of work in writing...fingers crossed for you...