Monday, February 13, 2006

If all else fails............

So the interviewer asks the question 'Can you give me an example of when you have shown initiative?' I think for a moment then give him an account of the "balance incident" when I was on a work placement as a 17 year old college student.

After starting the work placement just a couple of weeks before, I arrive at work and see that a new £3000 electronic balance has arrived (the laboratory was one short and as such, impacted on the amount of work all the technicians could get through) throughout the morning three or four scientists attempt to get the contraption working without success later they are crowded around it getting frustrated and talking about sending it back and getting a replacement, this would have taken a number of weeks until the replacement arrived. After they walked away from the balance scratching their heads I walked upto two of them, I had noticed that throughout the morning nobody had actually opened and looked at the instruction manual. I asked them if I could have a go, to which they sniggered and laughed and said OK. After about two minutes of reading it and looking at the electronic display I found that the balance had not had it's first calibration, so I calibrated it and told the senior scientist to which he could only look at me in astonishment, I told him what I did and he looked sheepish and said I had done well. All from just looking at the instructions.


Johnny Jazz said...

Typical, so called 'Scientists' sound as though they couldn't run a bath :)

Nice template, at least it doesn't look like you spelt tea over it. Mucho improved.

Anonymous said...

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