Monday, April 09, 2007

Recording has begun!



The Dogs with the old man

Seeing as it was a nice weekend weatherwise and seeing as it was also a long Easter bank holiday weekend, we decided to take the 20 minute drive to the beach, it's the first time the 2 pups have been, as you would expect, they loved it!

I have now finally begun recording some new songs, and despite my limited equipment, and the lack of a real drummer, I have managed to get some good results. The songs are not finished yet, I still need to buy a keyboard and a proper recording microphone to add some vocals, but I am pleased with my progress. Over the last 4 days I have recorded 6 songs, 5 are proper ones and one is a comedy "piss take" song, for my less serious side which goes under the banner of 'Legend of Sid' of course all songs will appear on my 'Myspace' pages when completed. I have managed to record everything in one take so far, which is what I wanted, as I don't want my songs to sound too perfect, I like to have little mistakes and errors in there, it keeps things sounding real!
When I get a keyboard and recording mic, I intend to record a new song every 1- 2 weeks, some for my serious side and some for my Legend of Sid act!


Johnny Jazz said...

Great stuff, look forward to listening. When is the album coming out?

bazza27 said...

That looks like a City shirt Kev, good man.

Katt said...

Your dogs are beautiful! I can only imagine the fun and games at the beach. :-D