Monday, June 15, 2009


Nothing much has been going on recently other then in my lovelife. It's weird because only a few weeks ago I couldn't get the new Polish girl who started working in our labs off my mind, she's attractive and has a beautiful figure and I spent a whole 2 weeks waiting for the right sort of moment to ask her out on a date, not only because I was very attracted to her, but also because it would earn me valuable respect with the guys I work with who were all to nervous to ask her out. When the opportunity did present itself I seized the moment and to my astonishment she thought it would be a good idea for us to go out.

So the following week we went out and had a very pleasant evening and talked a lot about this and that and got on really well, but she also said she had just been in a horrible relationship and wasn't sure she was ready for relationships just yet.
When I returned home I thought I would check my Facebook and whilst I was seeing what's what, I got a message from Amy.

I met Amy at Christmas when I invited myself to the Christmas party of a company I don't work for and got talking to her, she was dressed as a Christmas elf which I thought was quite cute at the time and after talking for a bit we parted ways. A few days later I got a friend request from Amy on Facebook and for the last six months we chatted back and forth and a couple of times I asked her out, but a day before we were due to go out she would cancel and I eventually saw her as just an aquaintance.

A few weeks ago I noticed she had created a "how well do you know Amy" quiz on Facebook and for a laugh I took the quiz....scoring 0%! I received a message the next day from Amy, saying "0%??? we really need to go for that drink!" so again we organised a night out and this time she didn't cancel.

All that week leading up to my night out I had lovely Krystyna on my mind, but it came to my night with Amy. It was quite weird because we just hit it off and got on so well, it actually took me by surprise, I wan't looking forward to my evening with Amy and wasn't particularly attracted to her beforehand, but I was left taken aback by how suited we are and she admitted by text message later that night that she was also surprised by how well the evening had gone. I found all that following week I couldn't get Amy off my mind and she also said the same to me as we texted back and forth. I also found I wasn't attracted to Krystyna as much anymore and she wasn't on my mind at all.

We went out on a number of other dates the following week which were equally as excellent as the first one. We then went out to see my friends band last Friday night, and had another great night getting very drunk. The following morning as we were lying in bed I got the feeling she wanted to say something and asked her what it was. She said that as she was going back to uni to do her PhD in a month and didn't want the hassle of relationships etc to get in the way. I said as long as we stay good friends I would be happy with that. We spent the rest of that Saturday watching DVD's and nursing our hangovers.

On Sunday I stopped recieving texts from Amy and she wasn't responding to mine. I was wondering if I had done something wrong and felt a bit depressed that my "lack of match practice" in relationships (after about 5 years of being happily single) had probably been the cause somehow.

Then last night about 2 minutes after I had gone to bed Amy rang me, she was a bit emotional, she had been sipping the vino and had a real heart to heart with me saying that I was constantly on her mind and it had freaked her out and she had been panicking about how strongly she was feeling towards me and that she needed to sort out her thoughts and feelings and that she had been seeking the advice of her friend who had told her she went through the same thing before meeting her current boyfriend etc etc, and that there is probably hope for us and that she isnt a lost cause. I replied by saying whatever she decides she wants to do wether we stay as friends or if she wants us to carry on into a relationship, that I would be happy with whatever she chooses to do.
Today she is talking again and she has asked me if we can go out again one night this week. After all this I remembered why I dicided I needed to be single for a bit in the first place....women are crazy!!!


jojo said...

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¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Haha...why do we put ourselves through it eh? Dating is a seriously difficult thing to do, literally putting yourself and your happiness on the line, it's so much easier (emotionally) to stay single, but the pros do tend to outweigh the cons...and you never know, get past the emotional rollercoaster and you could end up with someone you want to spend your life with... ;)

TardisGirl said...

Dating? You are a very brave man! Personally, I've given up on romance.

And yes, women are nuts!

indavao said...

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tagskie said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

(M)ary said...

well, i hope from the comment you left on my blog that this is blossoming into a lovely romance!

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