Saturday, January 16, 2010

Early morning isolation

It's 7am and iv'e been at work half an hour! It's just me and my colleage Pete in today and so far there is no sign of him. Iv'e been in since 6:30 and so far I just have my bouncy ball to keep me company! It's reminding me of that film Castaway with Tom Hanks, he only had a basketball to talk to, didn't he shout "shut up Spalding" when he was arguing with it? If I start talking to my bouncy ball (Mr Reboundington) I'll start to worry!!!

Who will go for the bacon butties??? It would have to be Mr Reboundington because I can't leave a bouncy ball in charge of a chemical plant, he can't use a telephone in case of emergency!!!

Oh good Pete's just arrived!!!

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