Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December...destroyer of finances!!!

Still no internet so I'm being very sneaky on another computer! Christmas is nearly upon us, it's been a very expensive month already, it was our first wedding anniversary on the 4th and then it was Fruithawk's birthday on Sunday. Both occasions required me to take her out for dinner and drinks afterwards, not to mention presents and champagne with breakfast, and having people around for a small lunch time party, it all adds up! The cats really got into the party spirit though!
The days events went something like this.....
I woke up early on Sunday still full of cold and chest infection, I got up and proceeded to blow up 20 ballons, then put up a happy birthday banner on the wall. I then placed all her presents and cards on the coffee table with a sprinkle of happy birthday and star confetti.
I then cooked a breakfast of sausages, bacon, eggs and toast and and placed it in the living room with the champagne.
I called for her to get up and she came down stairs and had breakfast and opened her cards and presents.
We finished the champagne and were then in the party mood (sort of, I still was not feeling great) and listened to her new CD's whilst preparing to have a few friends over for some nibbles and drinks (and jelly and ice cream of course!) and then we hit the rum and wine.
A few short hours later we hopped onto a bus into town and I took her to see Burlesque which she has been itching to see for a few months, due to it featuring her fave artist Christina Aquilera.
Then we headed to another part of town and I took her to a Moroccan restaurant iv'e been wanting to visit for ages called Marrakech. The food was superb and I think it is my new favorite place to eat in Hull! I opted for the Lamb Tagine and Fruithawk had a Red Snapper grill accompanied with a bottle of wine, we just had a main as we were still full from the lunch time party food.
We then stayed out and got ridiculous and worked our way through another 4 bottles of wine in the various bars and cafe's down from the restaurant.
We headed home and the following day she stayed at home feeling worse for wear whilst I had to get up and go to work (feeling worse for wear). That's the difference between having an actual job and someone who does a PhD. :(


Louisiana said...

you are a good man, a good mate...phd or not lol....it reads as life is good for you both, that reads magnificent...:)

My World said...

It's been awhile Kevin, and I see a lot has happened to you. Your a married man...... I wish you and your bride the very best..... So I guess those late night crawls from pub to pub will slow down a bit..... and those walks of shame going home will end I guess.... lol