Thursday, March 23, 2006

I'll Settle For Acoustic

This last week has been quite good. After doing very little musically since before christmas, in terms of practicing guitar and jamming with Danny(on his drums) I have spent most of my evenings this last week, playing along to songs on my guitar.
Before christmas I had become so obsessed with finishing my own songs that I developed a mental block and came to a standstill. I will have to make sure I don't get stuck in my ways and take a narrow view on things, I'll just keep things relaxed and let the ideas come to me instead of trying to force them, after all, my timescale is not fixed, I'm free to chop and change when I want. I'm not trying to reach a state of being ready for live performance to satisfy other band members anymore, I am working towards this for myself.

I have played on stage in front of people before in my previous bands Blue Breeze and Blackstone, but what I am working towards now is playing on my own, just me, my voice and my acoustic guitar, with a view to forming an acoustic duo, and as a naturally shy person I know I'll feel exposed and nervous when I do eventually get up on stage.

The songs I have been learning are;

Times Like These - Foo Fighters
Fall At Your Feet - Crowded House
Where Is My Mind? - The Pixies
Stay I Miss You - Lisa Loeb

I'm going to keep working on these until I'm satisfied, I'll also keep working on my own songs. Any songs I am comfortable I can sing and play live and on my own, I will then practice with Danny, but all I'm working towards at the minute, is going along to open mic nights and playing three or four songs, I'll be happy with that. Maybe along the way I can rope my mate Rob into coming along and playing second guitar and doing some backing vocals, who knows?