Monday, April 17, 2006

Weekends over.....a new era begins!

It's been a good bank holiday for me. On weekends I don't usually get up to much, but each day has been a treat for our dogs Mia and Vince as well as for the family.
Friday saw a visit to Paull to give the dogs a nice walk around the old fort and the foreshore, Saturday we visited Hornsea and the dogs got a beach walk (their favourite kind) and the evening was bizzare as I spent it filming an extremely weird scene for Clem.
I wont go to much into the deets, exept to say it involved strange dress sense and a nasty rash. It is intended to be a cross over/connecting scene for the DVD, once finished I believe the DVD will be forwarded to various sources including TV and also some film festivals. At least I'm one step closer to starring in my own cult sitcom (yeah right!) but it has prompted me to start thinking about getting involved in some sort of performing arts dealy, maybe a course or ameature dramatics classes or something.
Anyway sunday and today we visited Withernsea to give the dogs a good run out, captured some decent photo's across the weekend, which can be viewed on my photo blog.
Tomorrow sees me start work in a new area, I'm a little aprehensive because I only hear bad reports about the area, but I'm willing to give it a go as I think it will lead to better prospects in the future, and working in the department I was in, seemed like a dead end to me. I think now, I'll go and get drunk!!!

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