Sunday, December 03, 2006


Due to that computer virus I picked up last week, I realised that when I wiped my hard drive to re-install windows, I had inadvertantly lost my website folders for the websites/homepage, I had built. I have created another freeweb site in it's replacement. Click Here to veiw it. It sort of links together all my little places on the internet.

I went to the gym on Friday & Saturday and as a result I am now aching and sore pretty much all over. In the two sessions, I burned around 1000 calories, not bad for approx 3 hours work. Now I need to rest my muscles for a few days (recovery time) and will go again on wednesday.


bazza27 said...

1000 calories in 3 hours, what were you doing, having a kip? only joking, keep it up.

Chana said...

Die hard the new version, to me looks way better than any other, ;) ..nice picks btw.

i like your link. it is good. you should put a permanent link in your blog to it so i can be visited by your blog friends.

drink lots of extra water and take about a day of rest between work's best to go slower and consistent than to go all out. trust me, i know for i have done this many, many times and everytime i burn myself out...yikes, you figure i learn by now..


gincoleaves said...

Hey hey!! Is this the new Bruce Willis' stunt double? Cool pic!!

Take it easy at the gym Kevin, and keep up the good work. :-)

frederick said...

who is this gym? how did you burn so much with him? was it an experiment as you english are famous for with knives & dirty towelettes?