Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I'm 1 Today!!!!

Today is my 'Blog birthday' it's exactly one year since I started this blogging lark. Initially it started as a band blog for the, now defunct 'King Frankenstein' a band which lasted about six weeks before our newly recruited bass player disapeared without so much as a goodbye! I was then at a loss as to what I would use this place for, so I started putting up photo's I was taking, then I got addicted to taking photo's just so I could post em here.
It was a work colleague (Mr Johnny Jazz) who introduced me to the world of blogging, since then I have found some very nice people in the blogosphere (you know who you are!) and also, when I started my blog (post band era) I only intended to make it to the one year mark, but I now feel I can go on a bit further, I'm not ready to quit yet!

My favourite 5 posts I have made so far are, in no particular order;

1. Sunday February 12th 2006 - HeavyEngineering, helping to preserve Hulls heritage, It was sheer coincidence that I happened to be walking the dogs when I spotted a heavy duty crane lifting out the old tram bridge which crosses the marina, it's a good job I was carrying my camera.

2. Saturday March 25th 2006 - A Walk along the Humber, managed to capture a few nice shots of the North Sea Ferry's (Hull to Amsterdam) and it was a nice warm day if I recall.

3. Tuesday July 15th 2006 - Canteen, I poem I wrote in the canteen at work after recalling memories of incidents which had occurred in there over the last 8 years.

4. Wednesday August 23th 2006 - Girl Power, the night Mia had her puppies.

5. Sunday August 6th 2006 - Coast To Coast(Lyrics) I posted the lyrics to a song originally written by friend, but then re-written by myself, but it was the photo which had people guessing.

So lets see what I can come up with in my second year!


Chana said...

Well, well, well..Happy 1 Blog Year it is for you.

Happy Dance on it's way and here is happy wishes for many more..

glad to have been a part of your blogging and hope to be a part of your future blogging too..whoo-hoo!!!

congrats and btw, you have done a great job..

bazza27 said...

Congratulations on reaching a year and here's to many more.

Chana said...

here to wish you a wonderful and happy Christmas together with all the important people in your life. God Bless. hugs.

cindra said...

beautiful pic, and happy belated!

Anonymous said...

Kev, happy new year. Hope 2007 IS A GOOD 'UN.

My World said...

Happy birthday.. and Happy New Year.
This photo is excellent... B/W is
perfect..... Is that coble stone street or brick....? Either way it
displays a lot of depth....

Great work, Kevin... and I would like to wish all your friends, the very best for the New Year...

My World...... :)

Tristan Fourmicha said...

I don't believe you on any count (one, ha ha).

Having said that I'm living a lie so I never believe the truth - only politicians are to be believed!

On the other hand: four fingers and one thumb - beat that?

Katt said...

Happy Birthday to Kevin G Brown's blog.

And happy new year to you, Kevin.

PS: The photie in the previous entry is AWESOME!

Snoo said...

Found my way here from Johnny Jazz's pad.

I love the photo in this entry. A lot!

Happy blog birthday.