Sunday, March 18, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

Once again, I apologise for my sparse posting! I do promise you that I am working on stuff though, I have just written a short sketch which I will be forwarding to Clem HQ for their approval, also I have been working on a song with some friends, which should be entering the recording stages soon (possibly today) although we intended to record it last Friday, but I had to leave early because I was very tired!
I have also written 4 songs this last week for my band 'Legend of Sid' of which I am the only surviving member, I go under the alter ego of 'The Mysterious Ken' for this project, the other former members 'Smug Cock' and 'The Lady of the House' left to persue their respective dreams.
I was hoping to begin recording next week but due to my new contract not being sorted at work in time for pay day, I cannot now purchase the bit of kit that I needed until next month (hopefully) providing it has been sorted by then.
Due to my time being spent on these various projects, I have not been taking any photo's (still) so I have posted another from my "unused" archives, it shows an old jetty along the banks of the river Humber which I believe was used during WWII for loading troops onto transport ships.

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot....2 weeks ago I injured a ligament in my arm, I spent 4 hours in the Accident & Emergency department, so I had limited use of my arm all last week, how do you like them apples? I didn't like them very much!


gincoleaves said...

Good to hear you're still around Kevin, but 'eh, we're only human, and there's always something or other holding us back from blogging - no matter how nuch we wanna!!
I sure hope your arm's much better by now !!!!! :-)

My World said...

Hello Kevin, the photo you commented on, is used to remove snow thats on the railroad tracks.
It's used more further north...

I have tried to up-grade my blog, I
have informed them many times that I wanted to switch over.. did you have this problem also.?. I see your changes... looking good..

My World..... :)

Kevin, when you finish the recording, let me know. I will give you the address of our station
and have Jeff play it on his show.... good luck... :)