Friday, March 02, 2007

Firstly let me apologise for my bad blogging etiquette, It's very rude of me to abandon my blog for over a month, especially when you make the effort to come here and look at it. I'll try to give an explanation, even if it is lame one.

The first week I stopped blogging, is because I was on a Forklift driving course which the company I worked for paid for and sent me on, as it is needed as part of my role in the chemical plant I work in. That week which was VERY fun, but tiring, and when I got home I had bits theory and regulations to learn in preparation for the exams, which turned out to be worthwhile, I got 100% in both the theory tests and easily passed the driving exams for the two types of forklift which are used in the company.
Anyroad, I have quite often been feeling tired on an evening of late and when I'm not half asleep, I'm at the Gym, and when I'm not at the Gym I'm out "on the pull" .....see I said it would be lame!

I bumped into an old friend last week, who I also used to be in a band with, which was nice! And speaking of bands, The Who will be playing at the KC stadium in may, I should have had a ticket already, when a mate said he would get me one when he was going to get his, but he didn't so I'll get one next payday if there are any left.

I have a few things to sort out before I get up and running with some home recording but i'll leave it at that for now.

Clem have been in touch via messenger Pidgeon after weeks of no news, I was asked to take part a christmas themed music video, but this was put on hold (until next christmas) because members of Clem inc were found to be in a precarious position in a well known (notorious) bit of heathland in London and were battling in it out in the courts of human and animal rights and any buisiness connected with the well known kitchen utensil that was involved cannot under any circumstances be mentioned in case of further litigation.
Anyway, this incident is why the video didn't happen, but they have promised me a part in a completely new video/sketch in the coming weeks, they also informed me that the Colarado music video is close to a public release and have promised me that apart from it's official realease on the official Clem website you lovely people will see it here first (Busta Rhymes, eat your heart out!) and i'll just mention before I go off to celabrate my 29th birthday (today) that the picture above, shows the two puppies which we kept, 'Layla' at the front (she was the smallest) and 'Boo' (he was the biggest) that's all for today!


Chana said...

glad to see you back. don't worry hon, don't feel too bad, we all have life that gets in the way of blogging sometimes..the pic is cute..good to see him again, it's been a while..

congrats on the exam. on keeping up with the gym. i do hope you get to go see The Who..nice concert that be..and super luck in the recording thingy..

take care and see you soon. hugs.

gincoleaves said...

All together now...... For he's a jolly good feeeelloowww, and so say all of us!!!!!!!
Welcome back on the blog, and those pups are still gorgeous. :-)

know by officially or un said...

What is a pidgeon? So you have little & large in the dog world - could you put them in some sort of 'one man & his dogs' tv show? I would watch that for a dollar.

Johnny Jazz said...

Kev, thee needs to get off t'arse and post. Oh, and don't forget to join the Hull bloggers toplist, links on my page.