Sunday, August 26, 2007

Let there be DRUMS!!!!

I'm back after a long blogging rest, rest assured though, I have not been lazy, I have actually been quite busy. I have written and recorded approx 22 songs with an alternative/unconformist /personal sound. I am actually quite pleased with the results mostly, especially as most of them ain't serious but actually for my alter ego/one man band "Legend of Sid" and considering I have done the vocals on them I'm chuffed that they almost seem to work!

I also joined a band a few months ago, and after some initial difficulty getting hold of a drummer we now have a brilliant drummer called Garry. We had our first practice with him on Friday night 7-11pm at a practice room and I have to say it sounded fantastic. I had started to feel a little lethargic towards the band practicing without a drummer, the songs which I enjoyed playing initially had started to lose their energy/magic and I thought they were in danger of going stale, and I have become a bit pissed off playing the horrid bass guitar which I am currently borrowing (gratefully) but I should have a new one in a matter of days, anyway, with the drummer bringing his enthusiasm and energy to the group it all sounds pretty rinsing!
When Garry has settled in and we a sounding a bit tighter, I have suggested we get 2 or 3 people to sit in while we practice to get used to playing in front of people again, anyway lets see! And I'll try to take a couple of photo's next time we are's so long since I last took a photo!

My rats are really annoying me at the minute, they keep detaching 2 of the 4 hooks to their hammock and using it as a swing instead of a bed! I have bought another hammock and also a bedroom/igloo type thing for them so hopefully this will solve the problem!


gincoleaves said...

Welcome back Kevin!!
Lots of luck with all your musical activities - it isn't possible to do all of that and blog as well, but it will be good to see and hear a little more of you in future.
Hey, it sounds like you've got a couple of swinging rats over at your end! LOL!

Johnny Jazz said...


Email me, I wouldn't mind hearing you practise, I can take some snaps as well.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Kill the fuckin rats..

Better yet kill the fuckin dogs

Rob D