Friday, May 02, 2008

The Weekend Has Arrived!!!

A picture taken on my phone last weekend as Hull City walk around the stadium applauding the fans whilst the fans applaud them in return, in the last home game of the season!

Yes it's the weekend, it is supposed to be good weather tomorrow so I think the family and I shall have a BBQ in the garden, except for my sister who is going to Blackpool for the weekend for some nursing convention thingy (Jolly).
On Sunday I will be taking the 5 hour coach ride with my dad and brother to watch Hull City's final game of the season away at Ipswich, no matter what the result is, it's been a fantastic season of football! At the very least we will only finish 3rd with a playoff place, but if we win and Stoke lose then we will gain automatic promotion to the Premiership!
Can you believe my boss asked if I would work tomorrow!!! I said HA! NO CHANCE!!! Not on a bank holiday weekend! I shall be taking it steady though, my liver took a pounding last Saturday when my friend Alex, my brother and I went for a night around town, we didn't get home while 3am!.......I'm getting too old for this kind of behaviour!


Anonymous said...

*chuckling*, you hardly seem old enough to be feeling your age yet.

Thanks for the camera info -- I want one! And just happen to have a birthday coming up...

Suspect is worth reading from the beginning, tho it takes a while. He has more insight than he realizes and is never boring ... vulgar at times but never boring. His buddy ToySoldier is worth reading too.

Since discovering your blog I've gone back thru pictures of our time in England and even visited the old place via Google Earth.
Sure would love to see it again...

themorethingschange... said...

sorry, hit the wrong button...above is me, ~P~