Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Beginnings Of A Story



As I sit here listening to 'The Last Shadow Puppets' I can't think of anything to say! I have just finished listening to 'Rodrigo Y Gabriela' and I feel quite tranquil! I also just took these photo's of our dogs Boo and Layla, I thought they looked nice so I wanted to share them with you!

I also found a story on my computer that I started working on a couple of years ago, it was only a few paragraphs but rather then leaving it to rot on my hard drive, I thought I would share it with you!.......

The rain had been lashing down hard for maybe two hours when John Fallon turned onto the slip road to leave the Highway for the quieter country road. This would lead him to the Inn where he would rest for the night, before heading for his meeting with Mr Silva at ten o’clock the following morning. He couldn’t help but think of the strange dream he had the previous evening. Why had the vision of a man burning to death appeared in his consciousness?

The rain seemed as though it was not going to let up, at least not for the time being, of this he was sure. The road he now travelled seemed very quite, on the highway there had been few other vehicles, and since joining the single carriageway he had not passed another vehicle. Perhaps people had seen sense to avoid any journeys this evening due to the earlier forecast of heavy rain, and it did not surprise him there were no vehicles travelling this road, the pitch blackness of the country made the road ahead very hard to view, this was compounded by the rain hitting the windscreen, and now the road was becoming more and more serpentine as he journeyed forward, slippery and twisting.

His mind turned once again to the dream, he did not recognise the man in the dream, nor the street in which the scene had unfolded, but he was sure the strange images he had conceived were important some how, but overcast by childhood memories, the mental picture was hiding something, in the shadows maybe?

His thought turned to the road. John could see another vehicle now in the distance, its headlights twinkling, almost rippling with the added effect of the raindrops running down the windshield. He looked at his watch as the headlights of the other vehicle travelled closer, it was now nine thirty. Another person stupid enough to brave this shit storm he thought to himself. The car passed, it looked to John like a middle aged man and woman in the front seats, empty in the back.

As he looked ahead he could see a shadow in the road, moving, it was too dark up ahead to make anything out but, no he could see a car and next to it a person standing in the road, the dark figure started waving it’s hands then a light! A flashlight, it appeared the person was trying to wave him down. He started to slow the car and then indicated to pull over, ‘fuck’, he said to himself, ‘so close to a warm bed, a hot meal and a fucking shower’ and now this idiot, delaying me from my R n’ R.

He pulled to a stop about six feet behind the other car, a battered, rusting, red Ford. John started to wind down his window as the person, a woman, walked briskly up to the driver side of his car, ‘Hey thanks for stopping, could you by any chance give a girl a lift to the next garage? This shit heaps gone and died on me’ said the woman, pointing to her car.

She was around five feet eight inches, although it was hard to tell whilst she was bent down into his window. She was slim with an athletic build, olive skin, shoulder length black hair, lovely well formed breasts, and looked to be around twenty five. She was wearing blue jeans and a tight, light, short sleeved t shirt which showed her stomach and her arms, she was not wearing a coat and was soaking wet. ‘Sure, get in’ he said. She wasted no time, as he rolled up the window she ran around to the passenger side and opened the door. As she got in she laughed, a sort of bemused laugh which…….


Yet another of the many projects I have started and then just laid to waste! It was going to be a sort of sci-fi thriller, I may actually do some more work on it one day!


Anonymous said...

Last night I tried in vain to post a comment on your blog - blogger's making my life a misery again. I keep getting the feedback that my password is incorrect, HUH! So who's on the happy pill here!
Let's see if this gets to you!

themorethingschange... said...

Hey Kev - since you & I were the only posts on Suspect's blog this am I decided to cruise on over and see who you are - expecting another soldier from the photo - when lo and behold ENGLAND shows up! Used to live in Lincolnshire - long time ago. Living in the Arizona desert now and your photos of wet, green England are a treat!

Surely not all those photos are from your moblie phone, thinking of the busker you got from a distance. They are great shots! So clear. So if you use a camera, what kind do you have? and if its all from your mobile I want one!!

Have you been following Suspect long? He's different in writing style from his buddy Toy Soldier, so between the two of them we get a pretty good feel for what's going on at their FOB.

I was impressed with your young prince making his way to Afganistan with his unit, says alot about him.


tyhemorethingschange... said...

Love those photos of Whitby! Is it a tourist town? Remember, tho fuzzy, going to Hull to see the ocean only to find long reaches of mud!

Keep up the good photo work!


Kev Brown said...

Apologies, I had not changed my profile since getting my new camera, it's a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18, I only discovered Suspects blog recently so I havn' t followed it long! And yes! Whitby is a very touristy place!

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Thanks for sharing that snippet Kev, I began a creative writing project of sorts a while ago, I update it periodically...check it out if you are interested ('m going for gothic horror but set in modern times)'s in the form of a blog, so start at the bottom... ;)

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Oh and Boo reminds me of Gordon Ramsay... ;)