Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Good Evening With The Strands!!!

Had a good evening last night watching the Strands and a couple of other bands, it was a shame that the crowd wasn't very large and a load of people cleared off after the first band had finished which is a bit disrespectful to the other bands I think!
It was a bit weird at first because there was some awkwardness between Joanne and me, but that was maybe to be expected after we took our friendship a bit too far the other week in our drunken states. I guess things are a bit strange when you have known someone as a friend for a while then you hop on the good foot and do the bad thing when you really did not mean too, and things were really good before, and your both left thinking why and how did that happen! Luckily after a few drinks we relaxed and are back to normal again, I was the envy of the bar last night because Joanne brought two attractive friends with her and there wasn't many females in the place, and I was sat with three of them all to myself chatting away!
Jo was pleased because the Strands dedicated a song to her for her birthday and she then made me laugh by replying "thankyou" in the sweetest possible voice.
They finished their set and then Dean the singer gave me a lift home, I went to bed and I had the best sleep in over 2 weeks before being rudely awoken by the alarm for work, had a horrible morning at work because I was tired and lacking energy and motivation......but it was, I suppose, my own fault!

When I got home (I left work early at 12:00, but I can make the hours up because I am working Saturday morning) I messaged Jo to see if she enjoyed last night, chatting for a while and then I carried on with reading the bible, I am not actually a religious person, but wanted to read the bible and find out whats actually in it, especially as it is deeply rooted within popular culture, with references in music and film and TV etc. I just think it's good to gain a better understanding! If anything I would be Buddhist, i do try to follow the 8-fold path of right view, intention, speech, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness and concentration and try to adhere to the 10 Theravada perfections of generosity, moral discipline, patience, effort, medatative concentration, wisdom, renunciation, loving kindness and equanimity, I may not be perfect in my practices by a long way, but even if you take on a little, then your a little bit better a person for it I think!

The above image is of my two aftershaves, the Davidoff Adventure being my favorite fragrance, it really is wonderful smelling stuff and the girls ain't complaining about it so thats a good sign! Whereas I am happy having the two, my sister seems to collect perfumes and has maybe 20 different ones! I thought the nice colours would make a good image contrasting against the white background!

So, it's a full weekend coming up! I will be working Saturday morning then I'll be going to football in the afternoon as Hull City continue their push for promotion to the premiership where they could be playing the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal. On Sunday, if it's good weather we will be taking a drive to Whitby, a beautiful scenic coastal town, which will be a good opportunity for taking photographs!!!! And have a nice walk about.

I have also been listening to Estelle, Paramore and MGMT......oh yeah and lots of Miles Davis, I do love a bit of Jazz!


Nessa said...

It's been a long time since I've seen a band in a bar. I need to go.

M said...

Wow. You rattled off those Buddhist principles quite well. I am impressed.

ginco said...

OK Kevin, be honost now, the booze wasn't responsible for your "over friendly" actions, it was all down to that gorgeous after shave called Davidoff - LOL!!
Keep those bottles filled to the brim and you'll have the girls gueuing up to sit next to you!!

ginco said...

I'm back again, but I'll behave!

Just wanna tell you I discovered another
living in the USA.

Bazza said...

Sounds like life's not bad at the moment for you, long may it continue. I bet I know what you'll be doing on Tuesday night!

Anonymous said...

Kev, the bible is shit.