Wednesday, April 09, 2008


OK, I have reached a fork in the road! Do I (A) save up my pennies and then move out of my parents house and get a place of my own, leaving me with a lot less monies to spend on stuff, or (B) do my bike test and then buy a new Triumph Bonneville (pictured) and live the dream of owning and riding this beauty, but with the spirit crushing reality of still living with the annoying old folks plus my sis and bro (who are also annoying), this is the dilemma I have reached! If I carry on living in this house much longer I think I may go mad, and if I get the bike I may be killed to death by a crazy car driver, those are the bad points!

End of June I will be attending a bike rally near Scarborough, even though I do not own a bike, it should be a fun weekend camping in a field next to a pub with live bands, booze and of course...bikes!

Tonight I am going to watch the Strands play, I will not take my camera as I have earache and feel very tired and so I do not feel like moving about and taking pictures, probably because I spent 2 hours in the freezing cold this morning unloading and loading a lorry with the forklift truck at work, in fact I will rest right now and then I may feel better for tonight!

I am also a bit annoyed, I have been called in to the Lab tomorrow morning to do some testing because the lab people are not going to be in, I wouldn't have minded but the lab and plant managers have neglected to keep me up to speed in the lab by not having me do this testing on a more regular basis (9 months since I last did some testing in the lab) so I'm a bit rusty, not that I want to spend too much time in there, that's why I applied for my current job as a pharmaceutical manufacturing process technician, so I could escape the lab.....and it's manager! Besides, in my current role I get 10 times as many tea breaks, it's easy, I get to make drugs that help with peoples pain and I drive a forklift truck which is fun........when the weather is good!


ginco said...

Kevin, I will definately go for option B (only because I'm braver now than ever, I was too "chicken" in my earlier years, haahaha) but in your case I will seriously consider plan A.
I know it's easier said than done (believe me, I was also there!) but as long as you have a room of your own and a door you can close, stay put!! Think of all the cash you can save, and perhaps buy that dream bike (you don't have to get yourself killed, please don't!!!!)
Have a good rest and see that you're earache free for tonite!!
You mentioned the bike ralley, booze and bikes, but wait a minute, you forgot to mention all the gorgeous gals!!!!! Have lots of fun!!

Nessa said...

Oh, man, what a tough choice. I'd go for the bike though. You can always take very long rides and you may never get a bike if you move out.

J said...


I have a Google alert set for "Triumph Bonneville" and it led me to your blog. I ride a 2006 Bonneville, identical to the one in the picture.

The bike might actually be your ticket out of the situation. Don't buy a brand-new bonnie; there are plenty of good ones on Craigslist. You'll save a ton of cash, because the gas mileage is great and insurance is much less expensive than a car. (I also save a bunch of money, because the bike keeps me from drinking beers when I go out.) If you keep saving, you should be able to get your own place within a few months.

Good luck,

M said...

oh. see. i am going against the crowd here and voting for a place of your own. but then i like independence. in the end, you will know what is best for you.