Sunday, April 06, 2008

Karaoke, Darts & Trilby's

I have just wished my little friend Joanne a happy birthday, she's 20 today bless her!

Last night I went to Beverley a town just north of Hull and attended a karaoke night run by some friends of a friend, thankfully for the world, I did not attempt to sing a song though, I would have done but there was nothing that took my fancy! Instead I played a friendly darts tournament and won, which was nice because I don't play darts....saying that i think only one or two of the other lads did, but I retired as champion and left the pub to go into Hull city center and attend a few more pubs, I was not in the mood for a nightclub though and left to go home at around 12pm.

I have only ever sang on a karaoke once before, about 6 years ago at a works night out, I was set up to sing American Pie by Don Maclean, this was quite evil actually as there are like a million verses so I struggled. I deserved it though because I was putting everyone elses name in to sing songs, including my boss at the time, I got her up to sing I'm A Bitch by Meredith Brooks, luckily she saw the funny side and I think it was her that set me up!

Next Wednesday night there is another 'Strands' gig at Springhead pub, I will take my camera and see if I can get some decent pictures I think!

In other news, I bought myself a straw Trilby yesterday, I love hats and Trilby's in particular, but I have now realised I don't own any clothing which would particularly suit a trilby, so I need to buy some new clothes as well! But I did want a hat for summer as 2 years ago I badly sunburnt my head which resulted in a bit of sunstroke and from that day I vowed to buy a hat. I wouldn't want to wear a baseball cap as they are part of a burglar/chav's attire!

During my blogging absence, we rescued a young cat from the streets, who has since become best friends with one of our dogs Layla and they are always playing together, she's a funny little thing, my mother named her Millie! It's like we have a ready made eco-system now....the cat can eat my rats and the dogs can eat the cat!


ginco said...

Nice to have you back on the blog again Kevin!
I do like your cheeky hat, but be warned, I think this is how Jamiroquai started out, LOL!!

M said...

great hat!

cats are awesome. i hope the cat and the dogs have a long happy life together.