Friday, April 18, 2008

Hole of Hocum

This is a photo of my dad and I, taken with my camera, by my brother (I like the jaunty angle) as we stopped at the 'Hole of Hocum' (not sure if it's Hocum or Horcum) on the north Yorkshire moors, on the way home from Whitby last weekend!
The 'Hole of Hocum' is about quarter of a mile wide a mile long and about six hundred feet deep, it was scooped out of the ground in rage by a giant called Wade, he threw it at his wife Bel who had infuriated him, but it missed her and landed two miles away to the east and formed a conical hill known as Blakey Topping.
What actually happened was streams that run down through the valley eroded the surface away and water from underground springs gradually undermined the area. But I like the story with the giants better, and it's an actual local legend, I didn't just make it up!

I don't really have much to say today, except IT'S FRIDAY!!! and it's been a long week! I was looking through a college prospectus today at work for an evening class that I would want to do out of personal interest, I think I want to do the class on writing sitcom's, it's a 10 week course. I have always wanted to star in a sitcom, what better way to get started then to write my own!!! Well it would be a bit of fun anyway, and how good would the homework be.......right everyone, I want you to go home and watch at least 2 sitcoms before next week!
I also want to do some Spanish evening classes and perhaps a creative writing class as well! I'll give these some thought before the next intake in September!


Dieta said...

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ginco said...

I like version of ol' Wade, the nasty boy! LOL!
With the legandary stories of England I can easily get carried away!
A nice picture of you with your Dad!
Kevin, I wish you loads of luck with the Spanish lessions, but why go the hard way? Why don't you learn a little of the "kraut" lingo, or are you planning to move to Spain?!

mary said...

that is a good picture.

Kev Brown said...

No ginco, I simply just love the Spanish lingo, and when I was at school it just seamed easier for me to pick up! The other benefit is that it is more widely spoken around the world!

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Buena suerte con español que aprende! Mine got about as far as ¿cuál es ése? Recepción a Madrid etc. (business audio book tutorial), there are some great "games" on the Nintendo DS though that force you through the boring numbers etc. worth a look... ;)