Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Only me!

Sooooo long since I last posted! So long in fact, that i forgot my password, and there have literally been loads of things I could have blogged about. Let's see if I can remember anything!
There have been a few nights out, in particular, when my friend Alex drove us the 180 miles down to London after work one Friday to watch my friend Dean's band 'The Strands' play a gig at the world famous 'Cafe De Paris' at Leicester square. We parked on the edge of London and then I had my first experience of using the underground as we rode it to leicester square and made it to the gig just as the band were starting their second song (they were only playing for half an hour) we stayed for another hour so Alex could catch up with some old friends from Uni which gave me time to have a few drinks! We then had to leave at 23:45 to catch the last tube train back to the car and drove home, arriving back in Hull during the early morning hours.

I have been to quit a few Hull City AFC away matches in recent months!

I have not had much time to use my new camera and take pictures, so you'll have to wait a bit longer for new photo's.

The above image is from a week last Monday when 'The Strands' played a charity gig at a bar in town. From that gig up until this last weekend was a great week!!! At that gig my friend Joanne (who I mentioned in previous posts) and myself both got VERY drunk (it was a bank holiday) and for a week, we took our friendship to a whole other level (Ah hum!) and I was about 3 hours late for work the next morning! Then last Thursday it was the '2008 Hull Real Ale & Cider Festival' which Joanne and my brother and friends Alex and Rob and myself all attended and had a very good time, Jo and me continued our new level of relationship, but luckily I had booked the next day off work as a holiday. Then at the weekend we calmed down and are back to normal! Which is good because I sensed a bit of awkwardness developing between Jo and me and would not want to lose her as a friend. It all served to get me out of my rut though and can move on with my search for a soulmate, crazy thing is that I get on really well with Jo, we have been friends for 5 or 6 months and if she was 5 years older and wiser she would be a soulmate consideration, but she isn't and still has a very young attitude and outlook on life, although we share a common interest in many things and many of our views are the same...sometimes we are very different!

Maybe I am just getting too old too soon, even though I fool myself into thinking I'm still 18, I celebrated my 30th birthday in early March! Jo celebrates her 20th next week! She has gotten me into this funny buisiness of text messaging each other every 5 minutes, before last week I perhaps only used my phone once a week!

I have a passport application form right here and I will fill it in soon, I really must go abroad this year as I have never left the British isles!

Oh yeah, when at the beer festival I had a go on the tombola raffle, 4 tickets for a £1. Opened the first one and won a bottle of wine, opened the second one and won a bottle of beer, opened the third one and won a pen, opened the fourth one and won a 2 course meal for 2 at a country pub with a good reputation for it's food! I'm going to give the meal ticket to Pete at work who lives near this pub and in return he is going to take me and Alex out on his new speedboat para-gliding and shark fishing in summer......how cool will that be!!!!


Nessa said...

Wow, you are old. I'll only be 50 this year. Brat!

Happy Belated Birthday. Sounds like you've been having tons of fun.

M said...

Awesome! I am so glad that have been having a great time during your blogger absence. So much better to be living life than writing about living life!