Monday, April 14, 2008


The Grand Turk

Yesterday, I went to Whitby in North Yorkshire, as we left Hull, we were not optimistic regarding the weather, it was dark gray skies and rain, it continued all the way up to Whitby were upon, after an 80 mile car ride, the skies cleared for a warm-ish sunny afternoon.
The first thing we saw after parking the car was the Grand Turk, don't know the history behind the ship, but it was a nice thing to see, as we didn't know it would be there. We then spent the following 3 hours walking about the town including a trip up to the Abbey ruins of which I posted pictures yesterday.
We also took a ride on a boat out into the North Sea, the 25 minute round trip was extended to about 40 minutes as we spotted some Porpoise's and the captain hung around for a while, unfortunately my camera was never pointing at the right part of the sea when they no pics!

Saturday wasn't so great, I was working in the morning and went to the football in the afternoon, only to stand through a poor game.


Ginco said...

What lovely pictures you've taken - I must definately get myself to England again!!
Yes Kevin, the weather's been awful here as well, I guess we'll have to sit tight and wait for "better days!"
Summer is bound to make it's appearance!

Angel said...

These pictures are beautiful. I just found your blog so I've only begun to read it. I just wanted to let you know I'm enjoying it so far!

Again, the pictures are great!