Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gulls And Music

Here are some photo's of Seagulls that I took in Whitby, there were certainly plenty of them about!

One thing that I have failed to mention in recent posts is that during my absence from blogging, I have quit the band, the reason, I was not happy with the level of progress we had achieved as a band, and I was not happy that one member of the band thought the best way for us to get better and tighter as a band was not in fact to practice with each other but instead to just learn songs and practice on our own at our own places! This of course does not make sense and I felt it was a poor effort at disguising a bit of apprehension with regards to playing live in front of actual people in an actual live music venue!
Nevertheless, there are plans afoot! My musical/comedy side project 'Legend of Sid' which has gained in popularity, is going to be turned into a live performing act!!! Where I will be singing and playing acoustic guitar (the need to actually be able to sing for 'Legend of Sid' is not important, in fact the worse, the better!) whilst my old buddy Dean, singer of 'The Strands' is going to play drums (he has bought an electronic drum kit and has long harboured a desire to play the drums) and we hope that our friend Rob will join in and play keyboard. It will be a much more laid back affair, with occasional gigs and practices.
Dean reckons he will be ready for a first practice at the end of May. Although many of the existing songs will not make the transition to a live experience, we will have to rely on coming up with some new songs that will be more accessible to the general public with not so many "in jokes" although with three albums to my name, there should be some salvageable material!!!


¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Love the first shot, almost like sitting on the Gull's shoulder, truely a "birds eye view" any band stuff up on youtube? ;)

ginco said...

I just love those feathery creatures!! Nice shots!
I am right behind the freshly married man (Fink) with the same question - got anything on youtube? ?
I can't imagine life without music!!!
PS. Nice new avatar Kevin!!

Kev Brown said...

There's nothing on Youtube yet, but you can listen to some of my songs on my Myspace page (see links) although you may not find them as funny as some, due to the fact they are often "in joke" songs about people I know, I really should produce something which gives the story behind the song! And I apologise in advance for my poor singing, but I have never claimed to be a singer, so listen at your own risk!

Anonymous said...

Kev whats all this about keyboards and have you got one cause I aint anymore???

rob d