Sunday, October 15, 2006

Foggy morning comedy thoughts!

I took this photo as I was walking through the city centre, I was on the way to work at about 7am the other day, as you can see, it was quite foggy.

I have not been doing anything musically of late, as me and a friend are working on some comedy sketches, with the hope that they will be funny enough to do as live stand up shows. First of all we want to record a comedy radio show though...again with a hope that it will be funny enough to actually be played on the radio. We are both really into Monty Python, The Goons and much other stuff as well. I get nervous just at the thought of acting on stage in front of people and hope the experience from my days of playing in local bands will help with that old chest nut....self confidence! It will also be an opertunity to throw a few funny songs together, to perform as well.

Anyway, it will probably be months before we have anything as we are just getting initial ideas and such things together. You never know, I might end up fullfilling one of my ambitions, to star in a cult comedy TV series.

Right now though, I have the prospect of helping my stand-up comedy partner to lift some very heavy sandstone paving slabs......not! Hi-ho! Hi-ho! It's off to work I go........


Chana said...

i love the fog..i love walking in it, watching it, feeling it...

and you are going to be famous someday eh? will you remember the little people? i sure hope so..

you should post some of your comedy or music so we can start applauding already, :)

keep on having fun.

Katt said...

Love the piccie as always.

As they say in showbiz, Break a leg, Kev.

Kat Campbell said...

All that picture needs is a guy in a trenchcoat leaning against a pole! Great picture. Chase your dream of the comedy sketchs - you two artists shouldn't be heaving heavy stuff around.

My World said...

Did you see Sherlock, lol... hi
kevin. Just checking in, like your trip to the fair.... hope you had
a good time. the photos a very colorful.... cheers....


My World,... :)

Anonymous said...

Very peasouper of a morning, we haven't had many of them, then they all come at once.

Anonymous said...

I saw the fig once. I liked the thing better though.

I walked through the park of my life to see such beauty, with your light in my ear.

Thank you Kev,