Tuesday, October 16, 2007

At court

Another day off work, no super extended lie in time for me today though, up at 7:30am, get a shower, iron my shirt and get dressed ready to accompany my dad to court as a witness for 10:00am.

What have you witnessed this time? You may ask, well…..a few months ago, on a rainy day, me and my dad decided to walk the dogs (each holding 2 on a lead) as we were walking them, a big white Alsatian came bounding around a corner and seeing our dogs, decided to attack (not a smart thing to do (1 Alsatian Vs 4 Rottweilers) anyway, the dog after having a bit of a go and sending our dogs crazy runs back to it’s owner. During the little dog scuffle my dad and I are now on the wet grass being pulled this way and that by the dogs on their leads and 2 of them slip their collars and chase after the dog (at this point I would just like to say our dogs are not vicious, but as any dog owner knows, a dog is most excitable during the first minute of a walk, which is when this incident occurred) We run after them and whilst trying to get their collars back on their heads, the owner of the other dogs is ranting and raving and swearing and shouting etc. After we regain control of our dogs, during which this other guy still has not even attempted to put his dog on a lead (he also had 2 more dogs with him on leads) and the dog is still having a (albeit, more nervous) go at our dogs. Anyway, as we are walking away this guy is still shouting and swearing, one of his Neighbours walks up, he then puts his hand to his cheek and tells her my dad just punched him???????? We just walk away. Low and behold a few days later we have a police officer at our door investigating a claim of assault, with this woman suddenly saying she witnessed my dad punch this guy. Statements are taken and then my dad is suddenly at court hmmm.

So we go to the court and wait for an hour before being called in, it turns out that it’s just a preliminary hearing and I don’t need to stand as a witness, my dad pleads “not guilty” and it now goes to trial on 17th December, where I will have to stand. It was the first time I have been in a court room, it was a bit weird, very formal. Let’s see what happens! We were reading through the statements by this guy and his neighbour friend and could not believe the lies, they are completely twisted and almost fully fabricated to the point were I was actually laughing with disbelief. Things that are not in our favour….my dad does not qualify for legal aid because he works for a living and will have to defend himself as he cannot afford a solicitor (he has a mortgage to pay) and he also has been to jail (about 11 years ago) for assault (on a paedophile who said some disgusting things to my sister) On the plus side, he should be able to rip their defence to shreds due to their nonsense statements which contradict their own versions of events!

I get back home and chill out for the rest of the day, keeping it real!


gincoleaves said...

My Gawd Kevin, what a nasty experience the dog fight must have been for the both of you, luckily you didn't get seriously hurt!
Not to mention those crazy mixed- up lying cheating bunch. Unfortunately, the whole world is full of 'em.
Keep your spirits high, and do keep us posted! ! !

Nessa said...

People make me so mad. I'm sorry you have to deal with this.