Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hull Fair

Walking through the crowds

Daddy Rob playing 'Hook-a-duck' with daughter Caitlyn

Caitlyn on the merry-go-round

Mother and daughter on the carousel

My brother and I went to the fair with our friends Rob and Sarah, and their daughter Caitlyn, and 10 month old son James. Did not take many pictures but I did manage to get some! It was a joy to watch little Caitlyn, just 2 years old, seeing the fair for the first time! I expected, with the loud noises, flashing lights etc, for her to be a bit overwhelmed, but she took it all in her stride.

Didn't go on any rides, I was too busy stuffing my face with fast food, but enjoyed the walk around anyways!

A funny story about Rob.....once at work we took part in "secret santa" with the rest of the department, Rob got a guy called Dave and bought him a "lucky Rabbits foot" upon receiving the" lucky Rabbits foot" Dave subsequently contracted MRSA when going into hospital for an operation, had his new house partly collapse which then had to be demolished and his wife left him for his best friend, not so funny for Dave!


M said...

cool pictures.

Nessa said...

Poor Dave. Did he make the connection?

gincoleaves said...

Why is it that the Fair always looks so much more exciting by night? !
Our Autumn Fair also starts at the end of October.
Thanks for sharing your nice pics with us all :-)